Interview With Lisa Krieger: Why Fires Are Getting Worse And Much Of The North State Is At High Risk

Aug 9, 2018

A map showing North State communities at risk from wildfire. According to Cal Fire, the need to better understand and characterize the Wildland Urban Interface has been an ongoing problem for researchers, managers and policy makers.
Credit Map used courtesy of Cal Fire
Lisa Krieger

On Sunday, The Mercury News published "Homes in the fire zone: Risk growing as more people move to once rural regions,” which was reported by Lisa Krieger and delved into why California’s fire seasons seem to be getting worse, and why large areas once thought nearly immune from such risks are now recognized as quite vulnerable. 

Northern California was mentioned as having many at risk communities. This included the entire City of Chico that is considered to be in the Wildland Urban Interface, defined as where homes are built near or among lands prone to wildfire. 

North State Public Radio’s Marc Albert spoke with Lisa Krieger about her story.