Interview With Natalie Carter: Upcoming Rain Poses Risk To Juvenile Salmon In Butte Creek

Nov 20, 2018


Credit Rich Pedroncelli / AP Photo

Firefighters battling the Camp Fire are set to receive some major help as soon as Wednesday; five of inches of rain is expected Wednesday morning through Sunday. While the rain will help with fire containment, it's also problematic for evacuees, many still living outside in encampments, and for those still searching for human remains. The rain will also bring about environmental issues. Once rained upon, the debris and ash of an entire town is expected to be turned into a toxic stew that will from the foothills down into the area's watersheds. 

North State Public Radio's Sarah Bohannon talked to Natalie Carter, Executive Director of the Butte Environmental Council about a project being done by Friends of Butte Creek to protect juvenile salmon from being killed by this toxic debris flow. Sarah started the conversation by asking Carter her biggest concerns with the upcoming rains. 

How To Help 

For more information about or to volunteer with the Save Butte Creek Salmon: Stop The Runoff effort visit the Friends of Butte Creek Facebook page.