Meeting Postponed For Redesign Plan Of Two Chico Intersections

May 13, 2019

Nord Ave.
Credit Google

A meeting scheduled to gauge public support of a planned radical redesign of two busy Chico intersections has been canceled. 


The meeting was to introduce revised proposals to improve safety and reduce congestion at two intersections along Chico’s busy Nord Avenue where it crosses two unconnected segments of West Sacramento Avenue. 



The effort is primarily to address safety — reducing vehicle collisions and accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists. Congestion is also an issue. Engineers are hopeful they can address both. 


Officials are considering replacing traffic signals with roundabouts, though signals and creative pedestrian refuge islands are also under study. 


Caltrans spokesman Gilbert Mohtes-Chan said officials canceled the meeting to allow officials develop more user-friendly materials.  


He said the agency hopes to reschedule the meeting for later this month.