Nancy's Bookshelf: Darwen Cook and Alisse Waterson

Jun 19, 2019

From Profits To Prosperity
Credit Darwen Cook

Darwen says the book he wrote, “From Profits to Prosperity,” is one no traditionally educated economist would have dared to write.

He has a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering, and his book is about engineering economic prosperity for all.


Alisse Waterston’s book, My Father’s Wars, is an anthropologist’s account of her father’s journey across continents, countries, cultures, generations, and wars.


A daughter’s moving portrait of a charming, funny, wounded, and difficult man.


About Darwen Cook:


Cook is the author of From Profits To Prosperity. He is 72-years old and is retired from a career as an Electrical Engineer. He has a master's degree in EE and CS from Montana State College, Bozeman Montana.



My Father's Wars
Credit Alisse Waterson

About Alisse Waterston:


Alisse Waterston is a cultural anthropologist who studies the human consequences of structural and systemic violence and inequality. She is Professor, Department of Anthropology at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York. Alisse is author of two ethnographies on urban poverty in the US: Love, Sorrow and Rage: Destitute Women in a Manhattan Residence, and Street Addicts in the Political Economy, and of the edited volumes An Anthropology of War: Views from the Frontline and Anthropology off the Shelf: Anthropologists on Writing (co-edited with Maria D. Vesperi).