Nancy's Bookshelf: A Spiritual Journey Hour With Poet Ingrid Keriotis And Author Robert Hart

Dec 8, 2019

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Poet Ingrid Keriotis shares her book of poetry, It Started with the Wild Horse. The collection of poems explores topics such as wildness and inspiration, love and memory, and family and motherhood. Also, author Robert Hart takes us on a spiritual awakening with Medicine Wheel: The Evolution of Consciousness.

About Ingrid Keriotis: Ingrid grew up in the little town of Fairfax in the San Francisco Bay Area. She studied creative writing in the MFA program at Eastern Washington University.

Returning to California in 2000, she began her teaching career at Modesto Junior College and became an active member of the local community of writers.

Her poems appeared in the anthology More Than Soil, More Than Sky. Her poems have also appeared in such literary magazines as Poetry Now Online, Blue Unicorn, Steam Ticket, Stanislaus Connections, and Sisyphus. Since 2013, Ingrid has lived and taught community college students in the Sierra Nevada foothills. She has also led workshops for local groups such as Sierra Writers.

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About Robert W. Hart: At just twelve years old when he had what the Buddhists would call "a moment of perfect vision"―a spontaneous transcendent moment that foreshadowed a lifelong journey to try and understand his experiences. The journey took him into religious and mystical traditions, from which he gleaned useful information toward completing the journey. Along the way, a new map emerged―one that could be used to envision the entire path from unenlightened to enlightened. This map became the Medicine Wheel. After years of exploration, we now have the knowledge of how the process works from a physiologic standpoint, and how it can help us understand all that's possible in terms of the human experience.