Nearly All Wildfires Are Human Caused – Help Cal Fire Prevent Them

Jun 11, 2018

Cal Fire Public Information Officer Kevin Colburn wears a Nomex fire resistant suit. This material is used in most firefighter uniforms.
Credit Adia White

How many ways can you start a wildfire? You may be surprised that nearly all fires are human caused. That could mean they were started by arson, but many happen by accident. Anything from a chain dragging on the ground to a lawnmower spark can start a wildfire.

It is generally easier for crews to contain grassland fires. Though they spread quickly, they burn out faster than timber fires.
Credit Adia White

NSPR’s Adia White visited one of Cal Fire’s training sites to learn about how firefighters are getting ready of the height of this year’s fire season. Listen to the story to learn techniques the agency uses to protect homes from wildfires and about what you can do to help prevent fires from starting in the first place.

Plumes of smoke rise in the distance as Cal Fire crews begin their controlled burn in the Nature Conservancy's Dye Creek Preserve.
Credit Adia White