In Post-Camp Fire Race For Safety, Trees Are Losing

May 2, 2019

Tracing the fire's path, Arborist and retired wildland Firefighter Robin McCollum shows where burning embers sailed over the West Branch of the Feather River and into Paradise.
Credit Marc Albert

Towering, shade-giving Ponderosas were as emblematic of Paradise as its Dogtown Nugget and Gold Rush origin, which is probably why so many of you have written in with questions about trees.

We have answered specific questions about what to do if you have burned trees on your property and whether native species will be removed if they pose a hazard on our website.

But today we look into a question asked by many of you — whether or not too many, or too few, are being cut down? NSPR’s Marc Albert visited Paradise to find the answer.



The fire was hot enough in the area of Concow to sterilize the soil. Even with the winter's heavy rains, no grass grows on these heat sterilized hills off of Jordan Hill Rd. Concow Calif. April 1, 2019.
Credit Marc Albert