Shasta County Moves To More Restrictive COVID-19 Tier As Cases Rise

Nov 4, 2020

Medical personnel test people in vehicles for COVID-19.
Credit Jacquelyn Martin / AP Photo

State health officials announced Wednesday that Shasta County will slip back into the state’s most restrictive purple tier due to widespread transmission of the coronavirus. 


Mark Ghaly, the state’s Health and Human Services secretary, says it’s clear the virus is spreading uncontrolled in the county.


“And it allows us to say, yes, now is the time to put the brakes on a little bit, go back to purple, stabilize, work with the county to make sure they have enough testing and contact tracing — that we understand transmission as we work to get back into a less restrictive tier in the future,” Ghaly said. 


Shasta County reported 104 new COVID-19 cases for Sunday and Monday.  


Ghaly also says Plumas County will be moving back to the orange tier. Colusa County showed an improvement, however. It moves from red to orange.