The Shasta Serenade

Jan 21, 2017

With only two Shasta Serenades left (including this show) I’m playing some of my favorite singers and songs. You will hear Patty Griffin, Cheryl Wheeler, Merle Haggard, Chris Stuart, The Belville Outfit, America, Berkley-Hart, Coty Hogue, Chuck McCabe, and, of course, Chuck Brodsky. From the newer releases we’ll hear John Craigie and his new single, “I am California,” Shawn Mullins, Teddy Thompson and Kelley Jones, Anna Tivel, Adrian & Meredith, and out of the UK, The Black Feathers. There are many more as I gear up to say goodbye on my last show January 28 - it’s the last weekend of the month and the last Rock-a-Barry Weekend show.