Short Term Rental Rules Likely

Mar 25, 2019

Chico City Council meeting takes place tonight.
Credit Google

Vacation rentals and marijuana enforcement are on the docket at the Butte County Board of Supervisors meeting this morning. 


The freewheeling market for short term rentals could get some new rules in Butte County. The board is scheduled to act on proposals first considered in October  meant to generally allow the practice, but reduce impacts on neighbors and assure an adequate amount of rentals remain available for regular tenants.  



Burgeoning through the marketing prowess of Airbnb Vacation Rentals By Owner and similar services, the phenomenon has help some develop lucrative side businesses, it has also been blamed for inflating rental prices in larger cities as they are potentially more lucrative.


A rental shortage in Butte County became severe after the Camp Fire destroyed about a tenth of the county’s dwelling units. 


If approved, the new rules will take affect at the end of April. 


The board will also receive its annual report on marijuana enforcement. A total of 550 complaints were received in 2018 up 11 percent from a year earlier. The county issued more than two and a half million dollars last year in fines and penalties and more than one and a half million in tax liens last year related to marijuana cultivation.  


The board is scheduled to meet in the Board chambers in Oroville this morning at 9.  


Separately, Chico’s City Council meets this evening. The topic: FEMA’s plan to up the number of manufactured homes to 64 at a planned, 13-acre site in the Hegan Lane Business Park. Originally, FEMA planned 48 units for the site. Revised plans call for fencing to surround the area.  The council meeting is slated to get underway at 6 pm in council chambers.