Stolen Van And Precious Cargo Recovered

Jun 7, 2018

Redding Police officers rescued 14 show dogs from a stolen van, found abandoned Thursday morning.
Credit photo courtesy Redding PD

More than a dozen prized pooches may soon be back on the road after what must have been a harrowing overnight detour. 


The fourteen pups, on their way from Washington state to a dog show in Vallejo, went missing for 21 hours after their vehicle was hijacked from the In-n-Out Burger in Redding by an unknown white male, authorities said. 


The driver and two human companions had momentarily left the vehicle for a bite to eat. The vehicle, a brand-new, full-size Dodge van, was left unlocked and running to power the air conditioning. When they returned, the van was gone. 


Just before 10:30 yesterday morning, authorities were alerted that the van had been spotted, locked and abandoned in remote wooded area south of Redding. All 14 animals were hungry, thirsty and stressed from heat exposure. They were brought to Haven Humane for evaluation and treatment.