Year Of The Goat: Chico's Butcher Shop 2015

Sep 8, 2015

Slow Theatre hosted the annual outdoor festival The Butcher Shop over the Labor Day weekend, showcasing original performance art from the Chico community.

Some highlights of 2015's "Year of the Goat" included a Green Show with young actors written by Zoe Karch loosely inspired by a Carver story; sculpture by Haley Hughes, Jesse Karch, Cameron Kelly, Mallory Russell, and Wendell Seitz; a tableau by Erin Wade; plays by Troy Jollimore, Sarah Pape, Thomasin Saxe, and Beth Spencer; collaborations by Haley Hughes, Jesse Karch, and Dylan Latimer and by Michael Gannon and Johnny Lancaster; and Dave the Butcher, the band led by Lizzy Latimer with Elise Helms, Scotty Lehman, Ken Lovgren, and many more.

View the slideshow above for photos from the event.