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“After Paradise” is dedicated to post-Camp Fire recovery information. Each Thursday night, the NSPR News Team will bring you the latest from government officials, rescue organizations, financial planners, trauma experts and local reporters.

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Paradise Camping Ban Not Being Enforced

Feb 28, 2019
Noah Berger / AP Photo

Town of Paradise and Butte County banned residents from living on their burned out properties. But as KQED’s Sonja Hutson reports town and county officials have not been enforcing the ban.

After Paradise: Week 15

Feb 21, 2019

Tonight on After Paradise – it’s been 15 weeks since the Camp Fire started. In this episode we hear from Chico Mayor Randall Stone about the major housing shortage in the City of Chico, we learn why a new law enacted to help California fire survivors with insurance coverage will not benefit those displaced by the Camp Fire and we hear from the Paradise Ridge Chamber of Commerce about the work going into bringing a vibrant business community back to Paradise.


Noah Berger / AP Photo

Who is going back to Paradise and who is not is still unclear at the point, but it’s not a decision to be made by only those who lived in the town. It’s a decision that will also have to be made by those who owned businesses in the community and by those who worked there. While some businesses have reopened, the majority have not. North State Public Radio’s Marc Albert spoke with Monica Nolan, the executive director of the Paradise Ridge Chamber of Commerce to check in with Paradise’s business community. The first thing he asked Nolan was how reopened businesses are functioning right now.

Pauline Bartolone / Capital Public Radio

Californians who live in an area devastated by wildfires have new protections as of January 1st. If their home survives a blaze their property insurer must maintain their coverage for at least a year after the disaster, but as Capital Public Radio’s Pauline Bartolone learned, the new law has come too late for those still reeling from the Camp Fire.  


Chico State

After tens of thousands fled the Ridge from the Camp Fire more than three months ago, nearby Chico now feels like it’s is bursting at the seams. There’s more of pretty much everything – more people, more lines, more traffic. Except for housing. There is virtually no housing.  


After Paradise: Week 14

Feb 14, 2019



Tonight on After Paradise – it’s been 14 weeks since the Camp Fire started. In this episode we bring you the latest on Federal Emergency Management Agency housing units, the Red Cross Shelter and debris removal, we hear about new legislation aimed at creating a statewide network of weather monitoring stations that would help assess the threat of future wildfires in California, and we answer your questions about displaced pets.


John Locher / AP Photo

Last week legislation was introduced to establish a statewide network of weather monitoring stations that would help assess the threat of wildfire in California. It was created by Senator Bill Dodd – a Democrat who represents both Sonoma and Napa counties that were devastated by the North Bay wildfires in 2017.

Bob Moffitt / Capital Public Radio

More than seventy cats meow in stacked cages as volunteers come around with breakfast. Most of them are survivors of the Camp Fire that tore through Paradise in November, causing 52,000 people to leave their homes — many of them without their pets. Now, some of the abandoned cats call the Alley Cat Allies/FieldHaven Recovery Center in Marysville home.


Noah Berger / AP Photo

Friday is the deadline to get in many important Camp Fire related applications submitted. This includes registering for disaster aid from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the U.S. Small Business Association and the government sponsored Debris Removal Program.

Marc Albert

The Butte County Board of Supervisors met Tuesday weighing urgent housing needs against long-term impacts. Read the full story here.