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  • 00000176-4e34-d3bc-a977-4f7c3a790000Blue Dot host Dave Schlom is regarded as one of the leading expert journalists when it comes to the Apollo Program. In 2017, he decided to start doing special programs to commemorate each of the Apollo missions that flew from 1968-72. Here you will find links to every program related to the Apollo Program. Hope you enjoy delving into the history of America’s “Golden Age of Space Exploration.”“Dave Schlom’s passion for the Apollo Program is so strong it’s infectious! As host of the North State Public Radio series Blue Dot Dave has taken the occasion near each Apollo mission’s 50th anniversary to ‘tell its story’ by interviewing the people who were involved hands-on in the program, as well as those with a unique perspective of what happened. He interviews astronauts and their kids, Mission Control flight directors and flight controllers, and their kids. And Dave also will bring in a space journalist or a historian who has chronicled events of the Apollo era. Now Dave has assembled all of his Apollo-era Blue Dot episodes on a single website where fans, students, and researchers can go to listen to the stories of the Apollo missions being told in the words of people who lived them or covered them? Dave intends to include every Apollo mission in this series, and I will be satisfied only when he has completed the story of the final mission, Apollo 17, in 2022!” - Gerry Griffin, Former NASA Apollo Flight Director & Former Director, NASA Johnson Space Center
  • Chico State Sociology ProfessorDr. Lesa Johnson recorded a series of conversations on race with NSPR’s Ken Devol.
  • In a North State Garden celebrates and promotes the art, craft and science of home gardening in Northern California. Part of NSPR's From the Ground Up series, this program is hosted by Jennifer Jewell and airs Saturdays at 7:34 a.m. and Sundays at 8:34 a.m. PST.
  • Edible North State, hosted by Earl Bloor, aims to raise awareness and educate our radio audience to the importance of improving our local food system for food availability, health and sustainable economic growth of our communities. It airs Saturdays on weekly rotation with NSPR's other From the Ground Up series programs, The Practical Gardener and In a North State Garden.
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