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Blue Dot 214: Farming California's Delta With Nature In Mind

Where the San Joaquin and Sacramento rivers engage in an ancient confluence en route to the San Francisco Bay -- magic happens in the form of California's Delta region.

The Nature Conservancy, partnering with Point Blue Conservation Science and agricultural interests, has managed to show how the needs of humans and wildlife can be met with benefit to all.

Dave talks to two scientists and a farmer about the incredible delta ecosystem.

First, The Nature Conservancy's Rodd Kelsey and Point Blue Conservation Science ecologist Kristen Dybala talk about the scientific management of water and wildlife in the delta region for the benefit of nature and human interests -- especially agriculture.

Then organic farmer and Nature Conservancy Land Manager and organic farmer Dawit Zeleke talk about the incredible property run by the TNC in the heart of the delta known as Staten Island. The island is a haven for migratory birds, especially the magnificent Sandhill Cranes that winter there.