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Common Ground For Common Good: Walk Woof Wag


Walk Woof Wag is a fundraiser for Chico Animal Shelter, our local shelter in Chico, California that houses stray and surrendered animals that need a loving paw up. Monies generated by Walk Woof Wag go directly to Chico Animal Shelter’s medical fund so that animals needing veterinary treatment can get necessary care.

The idea for a fundraiser walk for Chico Animal Shelter originated in 2014 with Bryce Velasco, a young man inspired by a great dog. Bryce’s dog, Jasmine, was adopted at Chico Animal Shelter so, for his 8th grade leadership project in 2014, Bryce envisioned a fundraiser that would give back to the organization that gave him his dog. Bryce approached Sarah Richardson, owner of The Canine Connection (Jasmine’s “go-to” place for dog daycare and training) to ask if she would help. She and Bryce joined forces and Walk Woof Wag was born.