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Cultivating Place: Earth Day Special: We Are The ARK with Ireland's Mary Reynolds

Images courtesy of Mary Reynolds, all rights reserved.
Images courtesy of Mary Reynolds, all rights reserved.

It is now Mid-April, and this week we are celebrating both California Native Plant Week AND the week of Earth Day. Wildflowers are blooming and being admired across the country!

In honor of Earth Day 2023 and all of the fierce and tender hopes we have for it, we are back in conversation with Ireland’s Mary Reynolds, self-described as an ex-garden designer, actively reimagining and rebuilding a relationship with nature through her most recent founding of a movement known as We Are the Ark in which we transform our gardens and gardening into Acts of restorative Kindness welcoming and supporting all manner of life.

Some of you may remember that my previous conversation with Mary in 2019 after her last book, The Garden Awakening, was published, and just as she was founding We Are the Ark. Mary’s dedication and persistence around the importance of each of us in stewarding the land we can is a bright spot in our world. Enjoy!

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Jennifer Jewell is the creator and host of the national award-winning, weekly public radio program and podcast, Cultivating Place: Conversations on Natural History & the Human Impulse to Garden, Jennifer Jewell is a gardener, garden writer, and gardening educator and advocate. Particularly interested in the intersections between gardens, the native plant environments around them, and human culture, she is the daughter of garden and floral designing mother and a wildlife biologist father.
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