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Nancy's Bookshelf: Lisette Schuitemaker


Credit Lisette Schuitemaker
Childless Living: The Joys and Challenges of Life without Children

Not having children is on the rise, yet being childless is a subject not much talked about. Lisette Schuitemaker celebrates those who are brave enough to follow the lesser known path of non-parenting. Her book, "Childless Living: The Joys and Challenges of Life without Children" is a resource for everyone who has not gone the way of parenthood and for all those who are still contemplating this is essential life choice.

From her website: Before writing books on personal and spiritual development, Lisette owned and ran a communications agency that she successfully sold and had a private practice as a life coach. Her previous book ‘The Eldest Daughter Effect – How Firstborn Women Harness Their Strengths’ was also the topic of her TEDx Talk.


She is a popular speaker at conferences and events, and a regular contributor to radio shows and podcasts. She has an MA from Leiden University in the Netherlands where she studied the Classics, and later obtained a BSc in Brennan Healing Science in the United States.


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