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Nancy's Bookshelf: Author And Medium Athena Demetrios Details Her Journey

Athena Demtrios

Chico author Athena Demetrios had a 30-year career as a makeup artist in the film industry in Los Angeles. She was traumatized by memories of growing up in poverty in a dysfunctional alcoholic family and being terrorized by a boarder who lived in the cellar. Her book, “Walking Between Worlds: A Spiritual Odyssey”, recounts how she overcame these traumas and developed her psychic abilities.

From Athena’s website: In 1979, a strange series of events became an Initiation which swiftly opened doorways into other dimensions. Although I did not understand it at the time, I was being awakened by the Ascended Master Saint Germain to the Cosmic Laws of the Universe.

Beginning the journey inward, connecting to my God Self, 37 years later I remain both a devoted student and Teacher of Light. Upon occasion, various Masters will bring forth messages both verbally and in the written word.

In the early eighties, through another sequence of mysterious events, I crossed paths and encountered my “Mystical Muse” James Martin Peebles (1822-1922). Dr. Peebles informed me of a past life connection we shared as we lectured and worked together on several projects in the 1800’s during the Spiritualist movement. This information has been documented.


I have come to understand my fascination and contact with the spirit world in this life is a continuation of my last lifetime as a medium, author and trance-channel Mary T. Longley.

In this life, as a medium, I see spirit physically. At times they will appear to give messages to loved ones or I am led to specific locations to assist them in crossing over.  I have been channeling Dr. Peebles for over 27 years. When Dr. Peebles communicates, “Sparks of Light and Love fly in all directions!” Athena studied with Thomas Jacobson and International Channeling Teacher Shawn Randall for over ten years.

Athena, a certified channeling teacher makes her home in Northern California, frequently travels, facilitating workshops in Higher Consciousness while continuing to provide service worldwide as a Channel.


Nancy Wiegman has a master's degree in French linguistics from Indiana University and taught yoga and foreign languages at CSU Fresno and the College of Charleston before moving to Chico in 1990.