Apollo 11


In this very special episode, we pay tribute to two legends: Dr. Christopher Columbus Kraft Jr. and NASA's historic Mission Operations Control Room number 2 (aka MOCR 2). Dr. Kraft passed away on July 22, two days after America celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing. Kraft was the man who literally invented the concept of flight control for NASA from the first American space flights of Project Mercury from 1961-63 through Project Gemini and Apollo culminating with the nine lunar missions from 1968-1972. 


Fred Haise was made famous by the movie Apollo 13, in which he was portrayed by Bill Paxton in the story of the most famous Apollo mission other than Apollo 11. But he was also a member of the Apollo 11 team, serving as back up lunar module pilot in case something happened to Buzz Aldrin prior to the flight. 


Dave talks to Fred about what it was like to go through all the training for the first moon landing as well as being the last person in the command module Columbia when he was responsible for setting all the lighting and switches before Neil Armstrong, Aldrin and Mike Collins climbed aboard to set off for their historic voyage on July 16, 1969.

Blue Dot 138: James Donovan

Mar 23, 2019

Dave interviews James Donovan, author of the new book, Shoot for The Moon: The Space Race and The Extraordinary Voyage of Apollo 11. Donovan tells the story of both the Cold War driven space race and the culminating achievement of the moon landing in July of 1969.

Meticulously researched, the book is timed for the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing this summer. Donovan shares how he unearthed new and little known details of the mission from his exhaustive research and interviews with veterans of the Apollo program.