Camp Fire

Fire Danger High Tomorrow, This Weekend

Jun 6, 2019
Noah Berger / AP Photo

Noticeably cooler air will bring an abrupt end to the year’s first real heat spell. But, despite cooler weather, North State firefighters will be on high alert over the next three days.

The break in the heat is courtesy of a storm dropping into the Pacific Northwest out of the Gulf of Alaska. But once the storm moves east of the cascades, its cyclonic—or circular— movement will send parched air off the Nevada and eastern Oregon desert our way, creating elevated risk of fire over the next several days.


Schools throughout Butte County will continue stepped up mental health counseling through the coming school year, thanks to a $1.6 million grant announced Tuesday by the North Valley Community Foundation.

The money will keep professionals and paraprofessionals on the job for another school year as Ridge residents and the displaced continue surviving the effects of the deadliest fire in recorded California history.

Firebreak Plan For Paradise Slowly Emerging

Jun 3, 2019
U.S. Department of Agriculture

As Paradise begins rebuilding, some experts say a large firebreak could make a big difference.


The idea: a half mile deep swath of well-managed and maintained open space on the edge of town. Instead of a rat’s nest of manzanita and scotch broom, the wildland would have more fire resistant plants and be trimmed and thinned. In theory, when fire came, it would move slower, giving firefighters time to mobilize, and residents time to get out.


Marc Albert

Utilities throughout Paradise and some surrounding areas will be rebuilt and moved underground; a huge surprise that prompted a standing ovation at a crucial town council meeting Wednesday night.

Residents rose to their feet as new information, essentially direction from a federal judge overseeing the bankruptcy of California’s largest utility, was relayed by Aaron Johnson, a Pacific Gas & Electric Company electrical division vice president.


Wildfire Claims Reach Staggering Total

May 12, 2019
Noah Berger / AP Photo

California’s epic November wildfires were the deadliest and most destructive ever recorded, and the total in dollars keeps rising. 



More than twelve billion dollars. That’s the new estimated total of insured losses that occurred in California last November alone, as devastating wildfires swept through Butte, Los Angeles and Ventura counties.  


After Paradise: Six Months

May 9, 2019

Tonight on “After Paradise” it’s been 6 months since the Camp Fire started.

This week, North State Public Radio commemorates the anniversary with a special one-hour program. We’ll check in with officials and those who were displaced about how their lives have changed since the fire and what life holds for them going forward.


Explore Butte County

RVs, mother-in-law units, couches, spare rooms — six months after the Camp Fire those who were displaced are still scrambling for housing, living wherever they can. NSPR’s Marc Albert went to the Matador Motel in Chico where he met Lorrie Peters Summers whose been living with her family in a room there since the fire.  


Marc Albert

The deadly wildfire that tore through Paradise six months ago is in the distant past to most of us. But thousands of people displaced by the Camp Fire are still piecing their lives back together, many, trying to find a permanent place to live. Reporter Pauline Bartolone has the story of one family that’s trying to find peace while they’re in housing limbo.

John Locher / AP Photo



Thousands of people fled the Ridge November 8, 2018. In one day the population of the neighboring City of Chico exploded. In terms of shelter, Chico was already in a housing crisis before the fire, now that’s been exacerbated as those who were displaced search for any type of dwelling to live in that they can find.


Ed Mayer is the Executive Director of the Housing Authority of the County Of Butte. NSPR’s Sarah Bohannon spoke with him to find out more about the current housing crisis and about vacancy rates before the fire.

Paul Kitagaki Jr. / The Sacramento Bee

Paradise Mayor Jody Jones became one of the most visible faces after the fire as a spokeswoman for her town. She and her husband lost their home on Nighty Lane. NSPR's Tess Vigeland met up with Jones at her burned out property to hear her story of recovery.