Camp Fire

Marc Albert

Listener Beverly Ellefson asked NSPR: “There are a lot of burned trees on my property that PG&E says is not their responsibility to take down, which I can understand, but what help can we get to find someone who will take them down for us? Hopefully at no charge.”

Beverly, here’s what we found out. You are far from alone in terms of your concerns. PG&E is removing trees, lots of them throughout the burn area, but only if the trees pose a direct threat to a powerline.

Marc Albert

Towering, shade-giving Ponderosas were as emblematic of Paradise as its Dogtown Nugget and Gold Rush origin, which is probably why so many of you have written in with questions about trees.

We have answered specific questions about what to do if you have burned trees on your property and whether native species will be removed if they pose a hazard on our website.

Nicole Camarda

Back in the gold rush area, a fifty-four pound gold nugget was found in a small community on the ridge. It was named after the town where it was found and is known as the Dogtown Nugget. At the time, the discovery made headlines across the nation. And the Town of Paradise has been celebrating it for years.

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Six months since the Camp Fire struck, officials in Butte County told KQED's Michelle Wiley that some students are experiencing the same mental health issues they had just after the fire. And they need more counselors to support them.

Pamela Beeman had been retired for five years when she got the call from Butte County.


Weekly Update: Town Of Paradise, Butte County, CalOES, FEMA

May 2, 2019
Butte County Recovers

This week we get our regular update from government officials and they also answer your questions about debris removal, rebuilding and housing. Earlier this morning NSPR’s Marc Albert spoke with Rebeca Kelly of FEMA, Justin Jacobs of CalOES, Casey Hatcher of Butte County and Colette Curtis from the Town of Paradise to get the latest.

After Paradise: Week 25

May 2, 2019

Tonight on “After Paradise” it’s been 25 weeks since the Camp Fire started.

We first get our regular update from Butte County, the Town of Paradise, FEMA and CalOES. We also go to Paradise and hear from residents who celebrated Gold Nugget Days over the weekend. The annual tradition was held Saturday for the first time since the Camp Fire.


We also answer many of your questions — about Phase Two debris removal, how FEMA makes decisions about who gets housing and why so many trees are being cut down on the ridge.

On this episode, Dave interviews Hayley Dieckmann, one of the team of veterinarians from the University of California at Davis Emergency Veterinary Response Team that helped treat animals rescued from the catastrophic Camp Fire that virtually destroyed the town of Paradise, California as well as surrounding communities that were severely impacted by the fire.

Dieckmann shares her experiences treating large animals like horses and explains how the UC Davis team responds to emergency situations like catastrophic wild fires. The third year veterinary student also gives some important insights into what it takes to take dreams of being a veterinarian into the realm of reality.

Julia Maldonado

The Camp Fire displaced thousands from their homes in November. Some are now living in other places across the United States, but many have stayed in the area and are now living in Chico, where housing is extremely limited. This lack of housing has led to recreational vehicles popping up as momentary dwellings all over the city. NSPR recently received a question from an NSPR listener asking about temporary housing options for people—this person was specifically interesting in knowing whether or not shipping containers or tiny homes were viable options.

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Fire, flooding and ICE ---that’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement---figure large in this morning’s Butte Board of Supervisors meeting.


Overshadowing just about everything else, the Camp Fire’s wake continues consuming much of the business of local government.


Fire Safety, Escape Routes Top Paradise List

Apr 19, 2019
Marc Albert

Future visions of the town of Paradise were unveiled before the public yesterday and locals had a chance to rank, comment and critique reconstruction concepts advanced by residents.