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It’s been just over a year since the Carr Fire ripped through Shasta County. Friday evening a ceremony was held at the Sundial Bridge in Redding to remember when the fire moved into the city. 

At 7:41p.m.—the exact time a fire tornado took the life of Redding Fire Inspector Jeremy Stoke—all of Shasta County Public Safety took a moment to remember him by airing a Siren Salute that echoed throughout the city. 

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California’s epic November wildfires were the deadliest and most destructive ever recorded, and the total in dollars keeps rising. 



More than twelve billion dollars. That’s the new estimated total of insured losses that occurred in California last November alone, as devastating wildfires swept through Butte, Los Angeles and Ventura counties.  


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This week we continue exploring how and why to travel after disaster. Why we’d want to? We may not be able to help ourselves, being curious, compassionate, and often deeply connected to a place. Consider Gettysburg. Ground Zero. New Orleans after Katrina. As for how to do it: with great sensitivity. When? Soon enough to make a positive contribution to community rebuilding—spending money locally, to boost the economy—but not so soon that you invade people’s privacy or otherwise do harm.

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Carr Fire survivors and first responders were honored Wednesday night at the Sikh Center in Anderson.


The evening was full of food, music, and Sikh, Christian, and Native American prayers for those who lost homes and for those who risked their lives saving others. Coordinator Amarjit Singh said it’s a common practice for those who share his faith to help the general community in times of crisis. 

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People who suffered some financial loss or inconvenience due to the Carr Fire can still apply for help with groceries, but they’ll have to move fast. 


Applicants have until Wednesday evening to apply for emergency food aid in Shasta County.  


Jill Haskett is a spokeswoman for the Shasta County Health and Human Services Agency. 

Record-Breaking Fire Tornado Killed California Firefighter

Aug 17, 2018
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(AP) – In the history of California wildfires there has never been anything like it: A churning tornado filled with fire, the size of three football fields.

An official report describes in chilling detail the intensity of the rare fire phenomenon and how quickly it took the life of Redding firefighter Jeremy Stoke, who was enveloped in seconds as he tried to evacuate residents on July 26.

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State agencies will provide free cleanup help to survivors of the Carr Fire, which won’t exactly get people back on their feet, but it will at least open the road to recovery.

Those whose homes were decimated by wildfire in the Redding area can receive both technical help and plenty of elbow grease that should clear the way to rebuilding. Brian Crane, the City of Redding’s Carr Fire recovery director, said the process is more involved than people might think.

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Two members of President Trump’s cabinet received a sobering taste of the power of nature Monday as they toured ruins in and around Redding, where the Carr Fire is blamed for taking eight lives and destroying more than a thousand homes.

Residents of Shasta County and anyone else using water delivered by the Shasta Community Service District are advised to continue boiling their tap water before drinking it. Authorities urge residents to keep water at a boil for a full minute as a precaution against bacteria. The district’s water treatment facility was affected by the Carr Fire. Officials are taking steps to restore regular filtration and purification operations. 

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