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Local author Carl Ochsner drops by Nancy’s Bookshelf to discuss his latest, A New Age Diary: Personal Glimpses of Life in Post-Modern America. In his memoir, Ochsner recounts his experience in California’s counterculture.

A Chico man has tested positive for COVID-19.

The announcement was made Saturday afternoon by Butte County Public Health Officer Dr. Andy Miller at a breaking news press conference in Oroville.

The pronouncement marks the first positive lab-confirmed case of the virus in Butte County.  

“It’s still unknown how the person contracted the virus and an investigation is ongoing,” Miller said.  

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The rapidly spreading novel flu-like virus joins more typical concerns, namely water and water policy, before the Butte County Board of Supervisors.

With public health officials saying they’re now monitoring three possible cases in Butte County, the board is expected to ratify a declaration of a local health emergency issued Friday by the county’s public health officer. The local designation frees up funding and allows officials to reassign employees.


Expect daytime lane closures along Butte County’s Skyway over the next month as workers install stronger guardrails along certain segments of the road. 


Work IS/WAS scheduled to begin at 7 this morning. Construction will affect both uphill and downhill directions in various places between Honey Run Road near Chico, and just below Lookout Point. The work is expected to wrap up by April 6th.

Downtown Chico

It may cost you to park in Bidwell Park come July. A proposed Upper Bidwell Park parking fee goes up for debate in Chico tomorrow evening.


The proposal, approved by the council’s Internal Affairs Committee, would initiate a $2 daily fee and $25 annual pass for driving into Upper Park. Seniors, the disabled and qualifying low-income households would be exempt. The fee would take effect July 1.

Living New Deal

Chico’s Municipal Airport is expecting a good size federal check this week, part of an effort to re-start passenger service.


In the world of aviation, half a million dollars doesn’t go far. Nevertheless, Chico officials are hopeful this federal seed money will restore regular air travel. Potentially, with a couple of daily flights to Los Angeles.


Chico’s City Council meets twice this week, with officials hoping to finalize the move to district elections.


The council meets Monday, again considering a switch to district elections. Then, in a Tuesday encore, it’s set to tackle other, more mundane issues. 


Chico’s City Council is expected to adopt district elections tomorrow.


Seven separate districts would replace the current system, where the city council is chosen by voters citywide.


The change was more-or-less forced on Chico by demand letters from out of town law firms. The letters claimed at-large elections discriminate against voters and thus violate a recent state law.

Safe Space



Safe Space, a roving seasonal homeless shelter in Chico is itself looking for temporary homes.


Run mainly by volunteers, Chico’s Safe Space Winter Shelter put out an urgent appeal yesterday, seeking spots to operate over four weeks between now and mid-March. 

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The availability and affordability of housing in Chico is the top concern according to Mayor Randall Stone, who last night delivered his state of the city address.


In spite of all the Camp Fire’s repercussions, Mayor Randall Stone said Chico was in fairly good shape, but the scarcity and cost of housing is bad and getting worse.