Chico CA

Alan Cuevas



The stock answer many panhandlers hear is ‘get a job.’ In a few cities around the nation, giving short-term jobs to some homeless people who want them, has been praised as a success and one of many answers to a multifaceted problem.


Chico City Councilman Scott Huber is requesting his city explore such a program, modeled after one initiated several years ago in Albuquerque New Mexico. I sat down with councilman Huber Monday, asking him first about the proposal’s appeal.  

Eric Risberg / AP Photo

Officials in Chico tonight will weigh a plan that would change local residents’ relationship with Pacific Gas & Electric Company. 


Used in a few other California cities, ‘Community Choice Aggregation’ creates a new body that would buy electricity from producers. It would still be delivered by PG&E. Currently, PG&E buys electricity from power plant owners and distributes it. 

Suzi Rosenberg

The soaring costs and dwindling supply of housing will be front and center at an official city meeting in Chico today.  


Several council members serving on a temporary committee will hear presentations from developers about some of the things, beyond labor and materials that go into the cost of a home.  

Silver Dollar Fairgrounds



As many as 1,800 people suffering from toothaches, cavities or more serious issues are expected to seek dental and medical services this weekend at the Silver Dollar Fairgrounds in Chico, where a kind of large scale pop-up free clinic will treat patients free of charge.


Operated by California CareForce and made possible by grants, charitable contributions and free labor from dentists, dental hygienists and other medical professionals, the pop-up clinic appears in a different community around the state each month.

Officials are working on new procedures after dozens of prized valley oaks were mistakenly chopped down in Bidwell Park last week. 


Erik Gustafson, City of Chico Public Works Director for Operations and Maintenance, described a “series of miscommunications” involving an inmate tree crew contracted to remove a stand of damaged Catalpa trees.