Chico City Council


City leaders in Chico are being asked to upzone an area allowing an apartment complex to rise on a site set aside for single family homes.  


Without the Camp Fire, the proposed 23-unit apartment complex would almost certainly be a tougher lift. But after the loss of 15 percent of all housing in Butte County, and resulting price spikes in both purchase and rental housing, opposition may be harder to muster. 


City of Redding

Town councils are meeting in many local jurisdictions to weigh issues of importance tonight.


Redding officials are being asked to approve minor changes to the speed limits on certain segments of certain roads. The changes are being proposed to make speed limits more enforceable under state law.

Safety Near Chico State Tops City Council Agenda

May 20, 2019
Chico State

A new contract with firefighters, parking, and pedestrian safety near the university tops the agenda as the city council in Chico meets tonight.  


The official analysis calls the financial impact of the contract “minimal” on the city’s bottom line, but there are some changes. If ultimately approved, some firefighters would end up picking up a larger share of contributions to CalPERS and Medicare, costs currently picked up by taxpayers. But firefighters would be made whole by a 2.7 percent raise under the contract. The proposed contract would run through June of 2021. 

FEMA Plans Expanded Site

Mar 26, 2019
Marc Albert


FEMA has again increased the number of families it plans to house at a pop-up trailer park in south Chico.


First it was forty eight, then sixty four, now FEMA says they’re planning to house 82 families on the site, within the Hegan Lane Business Park. 

Short Term Rental Rules Likely

Mar 25, 2019

Vacation rentals and marijuana enforcement are on the docket at the Butte County Board of Supervisors meeting this morning. 


The freewheeling market for short term rentals could get some new rules in Butte County. The board is scheduled to act on proposals first considered in October  meant to generally allow the practice, but reduce impacts on neighbors and assure an adequate amount of rentals remain available for regular tenants.  


Noah Berger / AP Photo

Though untouched by flames, changes have come to Chico since November. Tonight elected leaders there consider impacts and how to ease them.


At the council’s request, reports covering crime, roadway conditions, and appropriate levels of municipal staffing to serve Chico’s swollen, post-camp-fire population will be presented.


Marc Albert

Restrooms around the clock, local moves battling climate change and cold weather shelter were among the issues before the Chico City Council Tuesday night. 

Many of the issues were old and many of the points rehashed, but with new faces on the council following last autumn’s election, last night’s results were certainly different. 

Chico City Council Welcomes New Members

Dec 6, 2018

New members elected a month ago joined Chico’s city council last night, and the body moved ahead with measures aimed at spurring the construction of temporary housing for those displaced by the Camp Fire. 


Council To Consider Reviving Sidewalk Law

Oct 15, 2018
Suzi Rosenberg

The City of Chico is expected to re-instate a controversial law that critics have labeled both anti-homeless and ineffective.




Chico Narrowly Declares Shelter Crisis

Oct 3, 2018
Marc Albert

Following another lengthy and acrimonious hearing, the city council in Chico declared a shelter crisis Tuesday night, opening the door to financial help from Sacramento aimed at easing homelessness.

It took close to two hours to wade through the claims and counter claims in an overflowing chamber, but in the end the council narrowly approved the declaration on a 4 to 3 vote with conservative Andrew Coolidge joining the liberal bloc.