Chico State

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Inebriated St. Patrick’s Day revelers kept Chico police busy Tuesday, though authorities say changes in the academic calendar helped limit alcohol-fueled exuberance. 

In all, four DUI arrests were recorded along with 19 for public intoxication. Another eight were detained on other charges.

Humboldt State University

While Paul Zingg recovers from bypass surgery, Former Humboldt State President Rollin Richmond will act in his stead.

California State University Chancellor Timothy White appointed Richmond, who previously served as Humboldt State President from 2002 to 2014. He retired from that position last summer.

It’s not yet clear how long Richmond will lead Chico State, nor for how long Zingg will be recovering.

Chico State officials have not commented on Zingg’s condition — only that this last weekend’s bypass will leave him needing some time to recuperate.

Chico State President Paul Zingg is recovering from a successful heart bypass operation performed at Enloe Medical Center Sunday. An official university announcement said Zingg is expected to fully recover, though it is uncertain how long he will be on medical leave.

It is unclear if the surgery was routine and scheduled or conducted in an emergency.

University officials declined to elaborate on the circumstances leading up to the surgery, Zingg’s current condition or whether he has been discharged from the hospital, citing privacy concerns.

North State Immigrants Face Hurdles, Exploitation

Mar 13, 2015
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Dozens of undocumented immigrants assembled in Chico's St. John the Baptist Church last week seeking information and clarity. The source of the confusion: President Obama's recent executive action granting driver’s licenses, work authorizations and deportation relief to those qualified.

The Northern California Immigrant Resource Center has hosted these sessions all over the North State hoping to quell the spread of misinformation and prevent people from being taken advantage of.

A 22-year-old Chico State student was shot and killed early Saturday morning after a fight broke out at a party in Chico.

CSU, Chico Public Affairs and Publications

Chico State’s new arts and humanities building will be home to a public art exhibition, and the community is invited to take part.

Taylor II will replace the demolished Taylor Hall, and construction is set to conclude sometime in 2016. It will feature the piece, called “Facewall,” on its exterior facing Normal Avenue. New York-based design team Walczak and Heiss started work on the project Saturday Morning.

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Cell phones are a huge distraction in the college classroom. But two Chico State students are trying to change that with a cell phone application they’ve created that rewards students for staying off their mobile devices.

The app is called Pocket Points. And the way it works is simple. You go to class, log into the app, lock your phone and you instantly start racking up points. 

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West Nile virus cases more than doubled in California last year, with nearly 800 cases being reported. That’s the highest number since 2005. While there could be many reasons for the spike in cases, the one experts are pointing to most might surprise you — it’s California’s drought. 


That may seem a little counterintuitive considering West Nile virus is spread by mosquitos, and mosquitos need water to breed, but if you think about it, says Chico State professor of virology Troy Cline, it actually makes sense.