Chico’s City Council is expected to adopt district elections tomorrow.


Seven separate districts would replace the current system, where the city council is chosen by voters citywide.


The change was more-or-less forced on Chico by demand letters from out of town law firms. The letters claimed at-large elections discriminate against voters and thus violate a recent state law.

Pop-Up Shelter In Chico Needs Temp Home

Jan 29, 2020
Safe Space



Safe Space, a roving seasonal homeless shelter in Chico is itself looking for temporary homes.


Run mainly by volunteers, Chico’s Safe Space Winter Shelter put out an urgent appeal yesterday, seeking spots to operate over four weeks between now and mid-March. 

Marc Albert




The availability and affordability of housing in Chico is the top concern according to Mayor Randall Stone, who last night delivered his state of the city address.


In spite of all the Camp Fire’s repercussions, Mayor Randall Stone said Chico was in fairly good shape, but the scarcity and cost of housing is bad and getting worse.

Soaring Population Masks Dip In Crime

Jan 22, 2020



The rate and number of violent crimes declined in Chico last year, while property crimes remained almost unchanged. A new report from the Chico Police Department has law enforcement declaring victory.  


On the face of it, the figures aren’t something to boast about loudly. Violent crime dipped by nine percent between 2018 and 2019, with 54 fewer incidents reported. It’s a move in the right direction, but not exactly huge.

Retired professors Roger Lederer and Carol Burr wrote and illustrated The Birds of Bidwell Park.  Now they have collaborated on a guide to the trees of Bidwell Park.  


Author and coffee connoisseur Alec Binyon provides an in-depth look at how to operate a coffee business. His book, “How to Open a Coffeehouse in the Real World,” is a road map for your journey from employee to coffee entrepreneur.

Humorist Eric Miller reads his essay “Hanging Out with Old Attitudes” which was selected for inclusion in this year’s LiveWord performance at Chico’s Blue Room Theater on January 31 and February 1.  LiveWord is a collaboration between the North State Writers group and the Blue Room Theater.






Facing bankruptcy just a few years ago, Chico suddenly finds itself with $8 million in unspent money. But according to City Manager Mark Orme, it’s doubtful the windfall will bring any substantial differences.


Though the amount is equivalent to 16 percent of the city’s general fund, cuts to city services and departments have been so severe over the years that in terms of unaddressed needs Orme said: “I’ve got a list longer than Santa Claus’ list.”

PG&E Claim Deadline Is New Year’s Eve

Dec 21, 2019
Noah Berger / AP Photo


Previously extended, the deadline for filing a claim against Pacific Gas & Electric Company for wildfire-related loses expires at 5 p.m. on New Year’s Eve.

The deadline is part of the Northern California utility’s bankruptcy reorganization process. Anyone who lost income or property due to wildfire before January 29th of this year and believes PG&E is responsible, must file a claim for reimbursement through the courts.

Christmas Arrives Early For Some Local Students

Dec 18, 2019
Brad Fults / Flickr Creative Commons

A common childhood dream will come true Friday for about 80 Butte County youngsters, who will each be presented with a bicycle, thanks to a group effort.

“Some of them are new and they have been donated, but a lot of them have been refurbished” Spokeswoman for the Butte County Sheriff’s office, Meagan McCann said.

Demonstrators Urge Impeachment

Dec 17, 2019
Marc Albert

Heeding a nationwide call for demonstrations on what could be the eve of a full house impeachment vote, about 200 people briefly rallied in Chico City Plaza yesterday evening.

There weren’t a whole lot of creative chants or drama for that matter, even when one of about 20 counter protesters tried goading the assembled with a Trump banner.