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A proposal that would double what Chico spends shielding the poor from extreme weather is among the topics up for debate Tuesday evening. 


If approved, Chico would up its commitment to $60,000 annually for operation of a shelter from the merciless summer heat and intolerable winter cold. Though open to all, the refuge is mainly geared to the homeless.

Juvenile Homes In Redding Closing

Dec 13, 2019

Several group homes housing troubled young people in Redding will close.


Authorities have begun the process of finding new placements for about 60 youngsters under the care of Victor Treatment Centers, which announced it was closing its Redding facilities.


The Chico-based organization runs group homes for juveniles coping with emotional, behavioral and mental disorders. It operates in Butte, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, Sonoma, and Shasta counties, but not for much longer in the latter.  


Marc Albert

Currently in Chico, emergency warm space is made available when overnight lows are expected to dip below freezing for two consecutive nights. At a hastily called press conference Monday morning, Mayor Randall Stone said that wasn’t enough.

“The problem is we have is that we have people who are precariously housed and homeless in our community, and they’re dying in the streets.” Stone said.

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Off-duty firefighters will join a holiday toy and food drive Wednesday, aimed at lifting spirits among needy families. 


A holiday tradition, Chico firefighters are joining with a local branch of national temp agency Rush Personnel for a day-long toy and food drive.

Reimbursement for road repairs, a proposed parks parcel tax and library hours are up for discussion in Oroville this morning where the Butte County Board of Supervisors is set to meet.


The county received $12 million of the $14 million it was seeking to cover damage and wear and tear done to area roads during and after the 2017 Oroville Dam emergency.


Heavy equipment and convoys of dump trucks repairing the dam’s crippled spillways damaged area roads. The county is earmarking a million of the money for other dam emergency-related expenses, leaving $11 million for roads.

PG&E Blackouts Possible Through Wednesday

Sep 23, 2019

Pacific Gas & Electric Company may cut power to more than 100,000 customers due to hot, dry and windy conditions, according to the Associated Press.


The utility will make the decision before noon today on whether the controlled power outages are needed to reduce the risk of wildfires. Areas the company currently lists as potentially impacted include a swath of the Sierra Foothills stretching from just north of Folsom Lake east to Georgetown and north to Stirling City and Butte Meadows. Valley areas potentially impacted include the cities of Lincoln, Sheridan, Wheatland and Oroville, along with north eastern districts of Chico. 

Alan Cuevas



The stock answer many panhandlers hear is ‘get a job.’ In a few cities around the nation, giving short-term jobs to some homeless people who want them, has been praised as a success and one of many answers to a multifaceted problem.


Chico City Councilman Scott Huber is requesting his city explore such a program, modeled after one initiated several years ago in Albuquerque New Mexico. I sat down with councilman Huber Monday, asking him first about the proposal’s appeal.  

Chico Could Go Its Own Way With Electricity

Sep 17, 2019
Eric Risberg / AP Photo

Officials in Chico tonight will weigh a plan that would change local residents’ relationship with Pacific Gas & Electric Company. 


Used in a few other California cities, ‘Community Choice Aggregation’ creates a new body that would buy electricity from producers. It would still be delivered by PG&E. Currently, PG&E buys electricity from power plant owners and distributes it. 

Suzi Rosenberg

The soaring costs and dwindling supply of housing will be front and center at an official city meeting in Chico today.  


Several council members serving on a temporary committee will hear presentations from developers about some of the things, beyond labor and materials that go into the cost of a home.  

Paradise Irrigation District

Water from the Paradise Irrigation District could be delivered to faucets in Chico under a proposal going before the Butte County Board of Supervisors next week.

The Board is expected to approve money for a detailed study on connecting the two separate systems could be completed next year according to Paul Gosselin, Director of the county’s water and resource conservation agency.