Chico’s city council will be grappling with a problem tonight they haven’t had to worry about in years — what to do with extra money.

Rising sales and property taxes thanks to an improving economy, coupled with savings from some pretty serious budget cuts, have left $4.8 million worth of black ink in Chico’s municipal coffers. But after years of crisis budgeting, city leaders meeting tonight will likely end up using the windfall to pay off debts rather than on funding any new initiatives or restoring much in the way of services.

New Chico Organization Provides Weekly Meals For Needy

Mar 3, 2015


When 35-year-old Jae Major woke up one morning a few weeks ago, all she had in her new apartment was instant oatmeal. Unemployed, she had no money and a hungry son to feed. So, like many people in a bind, she began looking for help.

“Last night going to bed, I kept thinking in my head, I was like ‘What am I gonna do for lunch and dinner?’” she said.


That’s when she discovered Food-For-All, a new, faith-based organization founded on the idea that everyone has the right to a good meal.


Marc Albert

About 75 people gathered Thursday night to offer support and plan a community response after a racially charged incident a month ago left a biracial Chico family under emotional siege.

The group vowed to confront what they called an intolerant undertow lurking below the surface in the otherwise serene university town. 

Speakers called for changes in school curriculum, diversity training and a multimedia campaign to promote understanding and tolerance. They also urged individuals to speak up and peacefully intervene when the situation warrants.

 As the stalemate in negotiations between the Chico Unified School District and Teachers Association continues, the school board is making preparations for a possible teacher strike.

Last night’s special session of the CUSD board saw a quick adoption of a couple of resolutions. 

The first is a list of a dozen rules that give the superintendent’s office temporary special powers if and when a strike occurs, and basically lays out what the rules are for everyone involved if that time comes. 

Enloe to Unveil New Helicopter Saturday

Jan 9, 2015

Enloe Medical Center’s FlightCare program is ringing into the New Year with a state-of-the-art new helicopter. 

What’s so cool about it?

Marty Marshall: “Well, there’s a lot cool about it.”

That’s Marty Marshall, helicopter pilot and director of Enloe Emergency Medical Services. He called the new vehicle, among other things, “an air conditioner with a helicopter built around it.”

The EcoStar is more spacious than the old chopper. It’s a low-noise helicopter, which Marshall says neighbors of Enloe’s Esplanade location will appreciate.     

Covered California is on tour and made a stop in Chico Tuesday. North State Public Radio’s Matt Shilts has more.


Peter Lee/Crowd: “One, two, three... I’m in!”

That was Covered California Executive Director Peter Lee speaking to a small crowd in the Chico City Plaza yesterday. Lee is leading a nine-day bus tour that’s taking him and his team from Redding to San Diego to get the word out about Covered California’s open enrollment period, which began Saturday.

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The Little Free Library movement has brought a “take a book, leave a book” ethic to thousands of locations across the country. Chico’s Barber neighborhood is home to one the program’s newest locations. Up the Road’s Sarah Bohannon has the story.


“I don’t know if that was the best one for him — are you sure you don’t want this one?”