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Stretched to the limit by a population that has surged by a third since November’s Camp Fire, Chico officials meeting Tuesday night discussed both short and longer term solutions.  


Addressing crime trends, Police Chief Mike O’Brien found little definitive correlation between the Camp Fire and crime, despite an increase of 30,000 residents during its immediate aftermath. O’Brien said the volume of calls received by 911 dispatchers is up, rising to a rate of about 75 calls an hour. 

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Though untouched by flames, changes have come to Chico since November. Tonight elected leaders there consider impacts and how to ease them.


At the council’s request, reports covering crime, roadway conditions, and appropriate levels of municipal staffing to serve Chico’s swollen, post-camp-fire population will be presented.


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American Indian storyteller Liz Lara-O’Rourke headlined an evening of cultural connection and understanding at the Chico State campus Friday. North State Public Radio’s Marc Albert caught up with her as the evening began.

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Cannabis will loom large in both Redding and Chico this evening, where among other issues, councils are considering post-decriminalization regulation. 


In Chico, officials are again expected to take another small step toward allowing marijuana sales. The council will consider the size and makeup of a committee tasked with refining a possible cannabis ordinance.  


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Restrooms around the clock, local moves battling climate change and cold weather shelter were among the issues before the Chico City Council Tuesday night. 

Many of the issues were old and many of the points rehashed, but with new faces on the council following last autumn’s election, last night’s results were certainly different. 

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Authorities yesterday confirmed that a Chico man who died of an overdose during a house party three weeks ago had ingested a lethal amount of Fentanyl. 


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Authorities are still trying to determine the origin of highly potent street drugs that left one dead and 17 others hospitalized in two recent incidents. 


Chico City Council Welcomes New Members

Dec 6, 2018

New members elected a month ago joined Chico’s city council last night, and the body moved ahead with measures aimed at spurring the construction of temporary housing for those displaced by the Camp Fire. 


Council To Consider Reviving Sidewalk Law

Oct 15, 2018
Suzi Rosenberg

The City of Chico is expected to re-instate a controversial law that critics have labeled both anti-homeless and ineffective.




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Not many people in Chico are aware of the small area of trees and grass called Mercer Grove that’s located off of East 10th Avenue and East Lindo Avenue. It's a place that can actually be seen perfectly well from Mangrove Avenue, if you know where to look.