Common Ground

Chico Street Pastors are part of an international initiative first pioneered in the UK in 2003 that forms an inter-denominational Christian response to urban problems, engaging with people on the streets to care, listen and dialogue. The Chico Street Pastors come together to offer practical assistance to whomever they encounter while walking the downtown area from 10PM to 4AM, Friday and Saturdays.

The North Valley InTune Music Foundation raises money for local public school music programs and inspire children to learn music and instruments. They also raise money for local foster children’s scholarships.

Common Ground For Common Good: Save The Rain

Nov 7, 2017

Save the Rain teaches water starved communities in East Africa to use rain as a sustainable water supply, stopping the needless deaths caused by the global water crisis. To achieve our mission, we educate communities to harvest the rain through roof water collection and passive irrigation.

Walk Woof Wag is a fundraiser for Chico Animal Shelter, our local shelter in Chico, California that houses stray and surrendered animals that need a loving paw up. Monies generated by Walk Woof Wag go directly to Chico Animal Shelter’s medical fund so that animals needing veterinary treatment can get necessary care.

The creative arts are a key component to a community’s growth in the twenty-first century. Information technology requires more emphasis on creativity and critical thinking than ever before. Arts are an integral part of our community and in every aspect of our daily lives. This is where the Shasta County Arts Council comes in.

Siskiyou Food Assistance exists to raise awareness of local hunger and bring change to the lives of those they serve in south Siskiyou County. Their mission is to help provide sustainable, nutritious food supplies to their community. 

The Chico Posse Foundation is proudly affiliated with the North Valley Community Foundation, a nonprofit public charity. They describe themselves as a "diverse group of women who were put together by nothing other than the Grace of God." They bridge the gap for those who have fallen through the cracks of other services in hopes of helping people get back on their feet.

The mission of The McConnell Foundation is helping build better communities through philanthropy.

Great Northern Services (GNS) is a community based nonprofit that invigorates communities by initiating positive social change to improve economic conditions.

The Mount Shasta Trail Association promotes hiking in the Mount Shasta region of northern California. The organization builds trails, advocates for more access to trails and trail protection, and works to conserve the natural beauty of the area.