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Cultivating Place: Garden Bloggers Fling

Mar 7, 2019
Denver Business Journal

On Cultivating Place this week – we’re joined by Pam Penick of the Garden Blog Digging and founder of the Garden Bloggers Fling, together with Judy Seaborn co-owner of Botanical Interest Seeds in Denver, Co and organizer of this year’s Fling – we explore the intimacy and generosity of Gardeners - specifically garden bloggers - when they gather. The Garden Bloggers Fling has been gathering since 2008 and this year it meets to share knowledge and joy in Denver, Colorado in June. Join us.

Working to ensure a bright and just future for U.S. Agriculture – that’s the work of the The National Young Farmers coalition whose advocacy, trainings and PODCAST are educations in themselves. Cultivating Place is in conversation this week with Lindsey Lusher Shute, Executive Director of the coalition and a vibrant young, independent farmer and gardener herself. Join us – Thursday at 10 am, Sunday at 9 here on







Home of the famed spring plant sale HORTLANDIA, The Hardy Plant Society of Oregon is a thriving community of gardeners and Hort Heads who offer year round, lifelong learning and plant nerd opportunities. Cultivating Place is joined this week by Nancy Goldman of the HPSO to continue our exploration of the different ways in which we gardeners gather, learn and grow together. There’s always more to learn - Join us Thursday at 10 am and Sunday at 9 am here on NSPR.

Gardeners and naturalists are remarkably ardent self-directed, life-long learners and doers. And the winter season is well-adapted to gardeners’ continuing education and community building, this week we’re joined by Louis Bauer of Wave Hill a New York Public Garden and Cultural Center. Their annual 3 part winter lecture series is under way now. Join us!

As an early Valentine to this garden life and plant loving community, Cultivating Place offers out a conversation with Melina Sempill Watts, author of Tree – a labor of audacity and arborphilia, Tree invites us to remain wide open, to listen and absorb what is shared with us, and thereby see the truth, beauty, and meaning in other being's existence. Join us!

Just three months since California’s November 2018 Fires made global headlines, the great winter greening of our state is underway and with it the urge to GROW - in humans as in plants. On the opposite side of the globe from us are holding their breath for the first rains of late autumn and an end to their annual fire season.

Sara Bir

For Sara Bir – food librarian, forager, chef and author – fruit are sweet, delicious, sexy and tactile – but every bit as important – they among her currency of memory. Sara, whose new book The Fruit Forager’s Companion is out now from Chelsea Green, joins Cultivating Place to share her fruit foraging philosophy and practice. Listen in!


Jennifer Jewell

Plants are all around us, and wherever there are plants, there are likely to be botanists at work trying to study, know and understand them better for us all. This week on Cultivating Place, botanist Linnea Hanson joins us to talk about the life of a botanist and the upcoming Northern California Botanist Symposium taking place in Chico Jan 14 – 16. Join us!

Photo courtesy of Pascal Baudar


Have you ever thought: that is just what the mountains taste like? That is just what the forest or the ocean must taste like? For wildcrafter Pascal Baudar, author of The New Wildcrafted Cuisine and The Wildcrafting Brewer, from Chelsea Green Publishing, what his place tastes like in a specific season is at the heart of his food and garden. Baudar works as a wild-food researcher, wild brewer, and instructor in traditional food preservation techniques. 

Photo used courtesy of Benjamin Vogt

Benjamin Vogt is a next generation student of the beloved conservationist and writer Aldo Leopold and a passionate nature and garden advocate himself. In his book “A New Garden Ethic: Cultivating Defiant Compassion For An Uncertain Future” he takes the essence of Leopold’s "A Land Ethic" and brings it home to our gardens in some surprising and sometimes challenging ways.