Ken Lund

Need a spa vacation but can barely make the rent?

I say: Head for Grover Hot Springs mid-week to grab one of those 20 first-come winter campsites near the park entrance (in summer, this is the picnic area). Then just settle in.

Just west of Markleeville, some 40 miles south of Tahoe, is Grover Hot Springs State Park, the perfect hot-soak antidote for weary skiers and snowshoe hikers. 

Blue Dot 17: Cascadia Rising

Jun 16, 2016

Another Big One is coming. This one won't be in Southern California though — it's in the Pacific Northwest. The Cascadia Subduction Zone is off the Pacific coast, and pressure has been building for a very long time. When the fault slips and the megathrust earthquake happens, it will create a massive tsunami and many powerful aftershocks. 

We'll hear again from Ken Hudnut from the US Geological Survey, this time about what will happen with this quake hits. We also speak with Kristin Ludwig, a staff scientist at the USGS, about the Cascadia Rising interagency exercises that just happened to test the preparedness of reactive agencies. 

Blue Dot 15: The San Andreas Fault

Jun 2, 2016
Michael R. Perry / Creative Commons

The San Andreas Fault system, and the looming threat of “The Big One,” has captivated people since its discovery in 1895. It’s inspired a big-budget disaster movie, but the disaster — an inevitable large-scale earthquake — will be bigger-budget than anything Hollywood can dream up. On this episode of Blue Dot, we hear from three experts on San Andreas who will weigh in on what will happen when the Big One comes, how the fault system works, and what we can do to minimize the impacts.