Lake Tahoe


Geralynne Rader recounts the events of November 8, 2019 when she was serving her community of Paradise as a police volunteer.

Journalist Kathryn Reed has loved Lake Tahoe since she was a child. She put together a hiking guide to the trails, The Dirt Around Lake Tahoe: Must-Do Scenic Hikes for everyone who likes to explore the outdoors. Author and retired English professor Carol Burr makes the case for literature in the 21st century.

Up The Road: Tahoe Snow, Tahoe Skiing

Dec 26, 2018
Jesse Jenkins / Flickr Creative Commons

We head up the road into the Sierra Nevada again, this fine snowy week—to Tahoe, again, more specifically, in search of the perfect winter timeout in crisp mountain air. Elbowing through peak holiday-season crowds is not perfect for everyone, of course, myself included, so you could wait until January or later, and try to come up during the week.

Up The Road: Snow At Tahoe

Dec 20, 2018
Nico Aguilera

Many of us desperately need a change of scene, all at the same time, some sort of post-Camp Fire paradigm shift. You know someone needs to get away when the lady in line ahead of you just goes off at that poor store clerk, and the big-truck guy at the gas station guns it and looks like he’ll ram that little old lady, just to get in front. Yikes. The social fabric in these parts is not just punctured and frayed, with one whole town living atop other towns, as we are now. It’s tearing, loudly. We all need a timeout. Thank heavens for the holidays.