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Up to 5 million California customers could temporarily lose power this year in the name of wildfire prevention if regulators approve Pacific Gas & Electric's $2.3 billion safety proposal submitted Wednesday.


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FEMA trailers, marijuana and emergency shelter all figured large at Tuesday night’s Chico City Council meeting.

The exact amount of money tourism brings to the North State is a hard number to measure, but it’s certainly in the millions of dollars. Last night, the Redding City Council got a presentation from the Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association (SCWA), which touted the benefits of tourism and its organization.

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Over loud and angered objections, town of Paradise and Butte County leaders officially barred fire victims from moving home until debris is removed.

Sierra on the Grow 


Iconic homegrown beer-maker Sierra Nevada Brewing announced Monday that it had acquired Sufferfest Beer Company, a San Francisco-based niche brewer. 

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A giant federal wrench is about to gum up the works for those hoping for a quick return to Paradise and other fire damaged areas. 

NSPR 50th Anniversary Timeline

Feb 4, 2019
North State Public Radio

April 22 1969 | KCHO goes on the air. Almost named KPOW, it was a 10-watt FM broadcast over a 10-mile radius. With a $2000 annual budget, KCHO became a training lab for communication majors. The voice of the college to the community was located in Ayres Hall with the antenna atop the Chico State College auditorium.


April 1969 | Kaleidoscope was the first KCHO radio program. It featured music, news, community notes, weather and sports.


Tonight on After Paradise - It’s been 12 weeks since the Camp Fire started. We hear from those still being housed at the last Red Cross shelter in Chico. Today the shelter was supposed to close its doors. We’ll hear an update on that closure and where evacuees say they might go. We also check in with a local service provider about the status of permanent local shelters and affordable housing. We’ll hear from two Washington Post reporters about a multimedia web series on wildfires out this week that focuses on both the Camp and Carr fires.


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Hundreds of thousands of acres burned, fire tornado, cities destroyed, 86 dead. These are the types of news headlines coming from California as the state continues to experience faster and bigger blazes and the data is pointing to changing climates as being part of the reason for these mega fires.


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As you just heard, it’s still an open question as to where many of the people currently at the last Red Cross shelter are going to go. For the most part local permanent shelters are full and trying to finding a place to rent – even if you have the means – is almost impossible. While local service providers are currently working to get a permanent low-barrier shelter set up in the community, they say that won’t be an option anytime soon.