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Apr 8, 2019

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Photo used courtesy of Adventist Health

The Camp Fire destroyed nearly everything in its path that day in November, 2018 including most of the town’s hospital. Adventist Health is now scattered throughout the county. For months staff of its previous cancer center have had to drive hours to visit patients who have been displaced. But now, they’ll be able to see those patients in Chico, as a new Adventist Health Cancer Care Center has just opened.

Noah Berger / AP Photo

Climate change is a topic that is increasingly becoming part of the discussion about rebuilding Paradise – and last week it was a large focus, as Chico State held its annual This Way To Sustainability Conference. NSPR’s Dave Schlom interviewed four survivors of the Camp and Carr fires – Susan Dobra, Chelsea West, Melissa Darnell and Luigi Balsamo – during the panel.


Noah Berger / AP Photo

While nonprofits and government organizations have largely been highlighted as places where those who have been displaced can get help, the Paradise community itself has been greatly involved in connecting their friends and neighbors to resources.

Noah Berger / AP Photo

Over the last few months you’ve been asking a lot of questions about insurance – questions like: “Are there areas and properties in Paradise that will be uninsurable because of high fire danger risk?” and “If we rebuild, will anyone insure us and for how much?” We’re working to find specific answers to these questions, but have been in contact with an organization that can provide, direct individualized help with your insurance questions. NSPR’s Nicole Camarda spoke with Amy Bach, the executive director of United Policyholders, which holds insurance claim workshops to help Camp Fire survivors.


Tonight on “After Paradise” it’s been 21 weeks since the Camp Fire started. We hear from a doctor at Adventist Health who tells us about the hospital’s new Cancer Care Center in Chico, we hear about a group who’s meeting to give Camp Fire survivors support and to discuss redesigning Paradise, and we hear from survivors of the Camp and Carr fires about whether or not their perspectives have changed on climate change after the fires.

Noah Berger / AP Photo

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Officials were struggling Wednesday to find ways for homeowners to afford insurance in fire-prone areas of California and for utilities to survive liability from devastating wildfires that threaten to worsen with climate change.


Several small measles outbreaks are being tracked in California where health officials warn the highly contagious virus is no joke. 


It starts with typical cold or flu symptoms: fever, runny nose, sore throat, then comes the actual measles.  


Government of Prince Edward Island / Flickr, Creative Commons

Two additional cases of the measles have been confirmed in Butte County bringing the total number of infected persons to four. According to a press release from Butte County Public Health Thursday, the cases are linked to the original measles cluster that was announced last Sunday, March 24th.

Public Health is contacting people they believe were exposed to infected individuals. To help stop the spread of the viral disease, Public Health is asking that those who are contacted or who may have been exposed to the disease be honest about their vaccination status.

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Fiesta Taco Trailer used to sit outside of Whitewater Saloon in Paradise, until the saloon was destroyed by the Camp Fire. The taco trailer was spared and is now back on the Ridge. We’ve been speaking with people who have returned to Paradise either to live or work to see how they’re coping.