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This question came from Kelly Minton in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Before I even begin to answer it, if you’ve never heard of or used the Street View on Google Maps, it’s a feature that makes you feel as if you’re standing in a street and allows you to take a 360-degree look around a neighborhood.


We’ve been following the stories of how animals were rescued from Camp Fire and today we’ll hear from a place that was critical to that endeavor. Valley Oak Veterinary Center in Chico treated about 500 pets after the fire and housed even more. What they found during the fire was that the bulk of the animals that were injured and never claimed were cats that hadn’t been microchipped. NSPR’s Sarah Bohannon spoke with Dr. Daniel Gebhart about the center’s experience and how microchipping can increase a pet owner’s chance of being reunited with their animal in this type of disaster.


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FEMA, debris removal, right of entry forms, water, building permits – there has been a lot that has happened this week. NSPR’s Marc Albert gives us a recap.

Tonight on After Paradise, it’s been 20 weeks since the Camp Fire started. We bring you the latest post-Camp Fire recovery news, we learn why some pets were easily reunited with their owners after the fire and why other weren’t, and we hear from a man who lost his home, but has returned to work on the ridge with his food truck.

Photos used courtesy of the Student California Teacher Association at Chico State

Simple school expenses like calculators, binders and paper can be a monetary burden for parents, and then for those with high schoolers, there’s Prom. While many consider the occasion an important one, getting outfitted for it is not something everyone can afford.

To help all students in Butte County with the expense, a prom dress giveaway is happening in Chico. Called Cinderella’s Closet, the annual event is hosted by Chico State’s Student California Teachers Association.

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FEMA has again increased the number of families it plans to house at a pop-up trailer park in south Chico.


First it was forty eight, then sixty four, now FEMA says they’re planning to house 82 families on the site, within the Hegan Lane Business Park. 

Department of Water Resources

Rain and melting snow are pouring into Lake Oroville and officials may break in the new spillway a week from Friday. 

Lake Oroville’s newly rebuilt spillway may get its first real test next week, as officials prepare to open the spillway’s floodgates to create more room behind the dam. 


Vacation rentals and marijuana enforcement are on the docket at the Butte County Board of Supervisors meeting this morning. 


The freewheeling market for short term rentals could get some new rules in Butte County. The board is scheduled to act on proposals first considered in October  meant to generally allow the practice, but reduce impacts on neighbors and assure an adequate amount of rentals remain available for regular tenants.

Officials are working on new procedures after dozens of prized valley oaks were mistakenly chopped down in Bidwell Park last week. 


Erik Gustafson, City of Chico Public Works Director for Operations and Maintenance, described a “series of miscommunications” involving an inmate tree crew contracted to remove a stand of damaged Catalpa trees. 


Marc Albert

Beyond water and food, housing, or at least shelter is among life’s requirements. With 19,000 structures destroyed, evacuees are scattered among friends and family. Others are jammed into motels, hotels and RV parks from Sacramento to Redding.