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Noticeably cooler air will bring an abrupt end to the year’s first real heat spell. But, despite cooler weather, North State firefighters will be on high alert over the next three days.

The break in the heat is courtesy of a storm dropping into the Pacific Northwest out of the Gulf of Alaska. But once the storm moves east of the cascades, its cyclonic—or circular— movement will send parched air off the Nevada and eastern Oregon desert our way, creating elevated risk of fire over the next several days.

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The Redding City Council has honored the Exchange Club's Firefighter and Police Officer of the Year. 

Travis Baud was the police officer recipient, receiving the honor for regularly leading the effort in the seizure of stolen guns, property, and felony arrests. Baud writes numerous search warrants and targets street-level drug dealers and provides valuable information to the Shasta Interagency Narcotic Task Force and the Neighborhood Police Unit. At the meeting Tuesday night Baud told the council the honor came as a surprise.


Workers start ten weeks of emergency repairs on a damaged Olivehurst overpass Wednesday night, adding a brief detour to southbound State Route 70.

The overpass was damaged after a backhoe being hauled on a tractor-trailer struck it a month ago, Caltrans said. Repairs will be $1.6M and are expected to be done by late August. Until then, southbound drivers should anticipate a brief detour weeknights between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m.  



Schools throughout Butte County will continue stepped up mental health counseling through the coming school year, thanks to a $1.6 million grant announced Tuesday by the North Valley Community Foundation.

The money will keep professionals and paraprofessionals on the job for another school year as Ridge residents and the displaced continue surviving the effects of the deadliest fire in recorded California history.


The $290,000 that will fund the project comes from Caltrans. The money is meant for planning and will fund ShastaReady, an emergency preparedness plan. 


Michael Kuker, assistant transportation planner with the Shasta Regional Transportation Agency said everything is on the table. That includes notification systems and methods, along with going over data from recent wildfires to identify bottlenecks that slow down both evacuations and responding firefighters. He said they’ll even looking into figuring out how to reroute traffic without overwhelming rural areas. 


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As Paradise begins rebuilding, some experts say a large firebreak could make a big difference.


The idea: a half mile deep swath of well-managed and maintained open space on the edge of town. Instead of a rat’s nest of manzanita and scotch broom, the wildland would have more fire resistant plants and be trimmed and thinned. In theory, when fire came, it would move slower, giving firefighters time to mobilize, and residents time to get out.


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Getting through the Feather River Canyon late next week will take lots patience or excellent timing. 


Caltrans will entirely close 11-miles of State route 70 between the Jarbo Gap and Cresta Wednesday, Thursday and Friday next week as workers stabilize the overhanging canyon wall. 


NSPR Off Air In Redding

May 30, 2019

Update: Friday 2:30 p.m.  

The internet service provider, who carries NSPR's signal to the transmitter atop Shasta Bally, has informed us that their work crews will not be able to head to the Redding area for several days. This means, unfortunately, that NSPR's signal will be off air until they can re-establish that internet connection. Thank you for your continued patience.  


Update: Wednesday 11:30 a.m.  

The road to the transmitter site atop Shasta Bally has been cleared and opened by the Park Service. NSPR is working with our internet service provider to travel there as quickly as possible to check all equipment, and re-establish NSPR's signal. Thank you for your continued patience. 


Update: Monday 9 a.m.

NSPR continues to stay in contact with The National Park Service, who controls road access to the top of Shasta Bally where the NSPR tower is located. The Park Service is clearing debris from last week's storm and repairing road damage from winter weather. This work needs to be finished before NSPR and internet service providers can check our transmission equipment. Thank you for your patience. 


Update: Friday 4 p.m.  

According to the U.S. Park Service, who controls road access to the top of Shasta Bally where the NSPR tower is located, it will be early next week before the road is cleared of debris and driveable. NSPR and internet service providers need to examine the equipment to determine why broadcasts are off and what can be done to solve the problem. Thank you for your patience. 


Update: Wednesday 1 p.m.

NSPR is coordinating with the National Park Service and two internet service providers to get to the tower site atop Shasta Bally as quickly as possible. The Park Service is clearing the only road that runs to the top of the mountain, and NSPR is waiting for approval to head up. Unfortunately, this is an engineering problem that needs help from additional companies before NSPR can solve it. Thank you for your patience. 


Update: Monday 11 a.m.

PG&E has restored power to the mountaintop, but KFPR remain off the air. We are working with the internet service provider, which carriers our signal from Chico to the mountaintop, to see if their equipment is working. Access to the summit is restricted to flying in by helicopter. We continue to work for a resolution that will restore broadcasting. Thank you for your patience. 


Because the Thursday afternoon thunderstorms knocked out power to portions of the Redding area, KFRP, 88.9FM, is off the air. The transmitter located atop Shasta Bally lost power in the storm. We are in contact with PG&E to monitor the power restoration efforts, and hope to be back on air as quickly as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

Eugene Zemlyanski

Butte County authorities are investigating a possible triple homicide after three bodies were found in a home in Oroville Tuesday night. 


Three bodies were located in a home in the vicinity of Yellow Hammer Drive and Tyme Way, near the Gold Country Casino. A witness, who initially called authorities requesting a welfare check, reported seeing a body on the floor after peering inside the home. 

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Thirteen winter-run Chinook Salmon that were released last year into the cold water of Battle Creek have returned to the Coleman National Fish Hatchery near Anderson following an effort to jump start the reintroduction program.

Project leader Jim Smith said although 13 fish may not seem like a large number, this is a big deal since the endangered species have seen hard times due to increased temperatures in the Sacramento River from drought and low water levels in Shasta Lake.