KFPR-Redding, 88.9FM, Is Off Air

Jun 10, 2020

Wednesday, June 10, noon

Because of problems with the internet service provider atop Shasta Bally, NSPR's transmitter in Redding, KFPR 88.9FM, is off the air. Our engineers are working with the internet provider to diagnose the problem and hope to begin broadcasting soon. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

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Jun 9, 2020
Visit Redding

Today we’ll hear from Redding Record Searchlight reporter David Benda about moving further into reopening and the civil protests happening in the city, we’ll also hear how businesses in Oroville are faring during the pandemic and we’ll check in with Predictive Services on this year’s wildfire outlook.


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For Tuesday, June 9, 2020. This is special coverage from North State Public Radio. 

Public Domain

For downtown Oroville, the COVID-19 pandemic came at a time of renaissance, says Eric Smith, CEO of the Oroville Chamber of Commerce.

While the area has faced its share of economic pain, Smith says he’s cautiously optimistic that the city will continue on its path toward a vibrant downtown business scene. 

He recently spoke with NSPR’s Ken Devol about local business owner confidence and what’s expected as the city navigates new realities.

Noah Berger / AP Photo

As we head into the summer, fire danger continues to increase.

NSPR’s Marc Albert recently spoke with Stephen Leach, meteorologist for the Bureau of Land Management working for Predictive Services, to learn more about what’s predicted for this year’s fire season.

The Law Offices of John L. Burris

NSPR’s Andre Byik first connected with James Cook for a story he was researching about new allegations of excessive force at the Butte County Jail. 

Cook is a civil rights attorney at the high-profile Law Offices Of John L. Burris out of Oakland, and he's representing an inmate at the jail who claims deputies assaulted him after he suffered from a seizure. 

As they talked about the jail case, Byik learned that Cook grew up in Minneapolis and he was in the city at the time police killed George Floyd on Memorial Day. Byik and Cook recently caught up for a longer talk about race, policing and what he thinks can be done to effect change. 


Jun 8, 2020
John Burris Law Offices



Today we’re hearing from Bay Area civil rights attorney James Cook about being in his hometown of Minneapolis when George Floyd was killed, his thoughts on the civil protests we’re seeing across the nation and working on cases of police misconduct in the North State.


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For Monday, June 8, 2020. This is special coverage from North State Public Radio.  


Jun 5, 2020
Discover Magazine


Today, we’re focusing on plagues of antiquity and what we can learn, if anything, from these pandemics of the past for the one we’re currently living in.  

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For Friday June 5, 2020. This is special coverage from North State Public Radio. 


Jun 4, 2020
Web MD

Today, we’re looking into what you can do while protesting to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 – a group of medical experts has put together some guidelines – we’ll hear more on what they are and why they think they’re important. 

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For Thursday, June 4, 2020. This is special coverage from North State Public Radio. 

Joe Parks / Flickr, Creative Commons

NSPR’s Marc Albert checked in with Lassen County recently about a decision last week to backpedal reopening after the county – which for months had zero confirmed cases of COVID-19 – had five residents test positive in a relatively short time. 

The temporary return to the county’s first phase was going to last seven days, but in just a couple, the county pivoted again, returning to Phase 2. 

To learn more, Marc spoke with Barbara Longo, Lassen County’s director of Health and Social Services. Here are highlights from their conversation. You can also listen at the top of the page.