U.S. Forest Service Pacific Southwest Region

One hundred federal firefighters boarded aircraft in Redding Tuesday, bound for Alaska and northern Canada where massive blazes are under way. 

Despite the temporary redeployment, officials said they’re prepared for fire season here in California. 


Julia Maldonado

California Park is a large area in Chico filled with almost 2,000 condominiums, houses and apartments. It’s located on the east side of the city, just off Deer Creek Highway and Bruce Road. The area has an abundance of wildlife; the geese can be seen flying above the ponds and lake that only Cal Park residents can access.

Listener Mandy Irwin submitted a question to North State Public Radio about the history of neighborhood. Specifically she wanted to know when the lake was built, whether or not it was originally a wetland and why developers created Cal Park in the first place.


Every Thursday NSPR checks in with the main organizations facilitating the recovery of the Camp Fire. NSPR’s Sarah Bohannon spoke to Casey Hatcher with Butte County, Collette Curtis with the Town of Paradise, Justin Jacobs with Cal OES and Debra Young with FEMA to get the latest. Young started the call with an update on FEMA’s group sites.  


Pacific Gas & Electric Company will be cutting power to our Redding transmitter today as they work to repair equipment. The planned blackout will knock KFPR-Redding at 88.9 FM off the air. Our network of translators that rebroadcast our signal to Dunsmuir, Mt. Shasta, Burney, Chester, Westwood and Greenville will all go off the air. The outage is scheduled to begin at 8:30 a.m. Restoration of service is expected by 4:30 p.m. 

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Pacific Gas & Electric Company, whose poorly maintained equipment has been blamed for igniting several recent mega fires in Northern California, has agreed to pay $1 billion to local governments.

Attorneys representing 14 local public entities announced the settlement with PG&E on Tuesday to cover “taxpayer losses.” The fires include a 2015 fire in Calaveras County, a series of wine country fires in 2017 and the Camp Fire, which killed 85 people in Paradise and surrounding communities.

City of Redding

Town councils are meeting in many local jurisdictions to weigh issues of importance tonight.


Redding officials are being asked to approve minor changes to the speed limits on certain segments of certain roads. The changes are being proposed to make speed limits more enforceable under state law.

Klamath National Forest

State Highway 96 remains closed in Siskiyou County due to wildfire. Forest service officials say Caltrans is working to reopen the closed segment—between Highway 263 and the Gottville takeout—by early afternoon. Once reopened, traffic will be escorted by a pilot car. The road will be closed again tonight starting at 10 p.m. The closure will continue until 6 a.m. Wednesday.

Angel Huracha

It’s time for our weekly check in with federal state and local government representatives about the status of recovery in the Camp Fire’s wake.

Joining NSPR's Marc Albert on the line is Debra Young with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Justin Jacobs with the California Governor’s office of emergency services, Casey Hatcher with Butte County and Colette Curtis with the town of Paradise.

Marc Albert

Eager to learn why, and curious about how to cope, several dozen locals attended a Pacific Gas and Electric Company open house in Chico Wednesday evening, days after the company preemptively cut power, due to extreme wildfire risk.

The company is holding similar forums throughout its service area through July.  

Marc Albert

Fully half of the proposals developed to make Paradise more resilient to wildfire wound up dead in the water at the Paradise Town Council meeting Tuesday evening.   

Conceived in the wake of the Camp Fire, the deadliest wildfire in state history, twenty concepts, the vast majority fire related building code changes, were developed over a series of well attended public meetings.