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Paradise Mayor Jody Jones became one of the most visible faces after the fire as a spokeswoman for her town. She and her husband lost their home on Nighty Lane. NSPR's Tess Vigeland met up with Jones at her burned out property to hear her story of recovery.

Marc Albert

Listener Beverly Ellefson asked NSPR: “There are a lot of burned trees on my property that PG&E says is not their responsibility to take down, which I can understand, but what help can we get to find someone who will take them down for us? Hopefully at no charge.”

Beverly, here’s what we found out. You are far from alone in terms of your concerns. PG&E is removing trees, lots of them throughout the burn area, but only if the trees pose a direct threat to a powerline.

Marc Albert

Towering, shade-giving Ponderosas were as emblematic of Paradise as its Dogtown Nugget and Gold Rush origin, which is probably why so many of you have written in with questions about trees.

We have answered specific questions about what to do if you have burned trees on your property and whether native species will be removed if they pose a hazard on our website.

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Back in the gold rush area, a fifty-four pound gold nugget was found in a small community on the ridge. It was named after the town where it was found and is known as the Dogtown Nugget. At the time, the discovery made headlines across the nation. And the Town of Paradise has been celebrating it for years.

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Six months since the Camp Fire struck, officials in Butte County told KQED's Michelle Wiley that some students are experiencing the same mental health issues they had just after the fire. And they need more counselors to support them.

Pamela Beeman had been retired for five years when she got the call from Butte County.


Butte County Recovers

This week we get our regular update from government officials and they also answer your questions about debris removal, rebuilding and housing. Earlier this morning NSPR’s Marc Albert spoke with Rebeca Kelly of FEMA, Justin Jacobs of CalOES, Casey Hatcher of Butte County and Colette Curtis from the Town of Paradise to get the latest.

After Paradise: Week 25

May 2, 2019

Tonight on “After Paradise” it’s been 25 weeks since the Camp Fire started.

We first get our regular update from Butte County, the Town of Paradise, FEMA and CalOES. We also go to Paradise and hear from residents who celebrated Gold Nugget Days over the weekend. The annual tradition was held Saturday for the first time since the Camp Fire.


We also answer many of your questions — about Phase Two debris removal, how FEMA makes decisions about who gets housing and why so many trees are being cut down on the ridge.

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The Sutter Buttes are more than 2,000 feet high and 10 miles in diameter. At the base of the buttes is a small town called Sutter. Both were named after John Sutter. He was a Swiss pioneer who is probably best known as being the owner of Sutter’s Mill, a sawmill where gold was first found in the state and the place where the California Gold Rush began.

Listener John Miles submitted a question to NSPR asking why people often refer to the Sutter Buttes as the “smallest mountain range in the world?” He also asked, what makes the Sutter Buttes a mountain range and how were they were formed?

Union Pacific

Authorities in Redding are attempting to positively identify the remains of a man — believed in his 60s, who was struck and killed by a Union Pacific freight train early yesterday. The man was struck by a Roseville-bound train at Breslauer Way around 2:15 Monday morning.  


Farmers using older, dirty burning diesel powered agricultural vehicles may be eligible for financial help for upgrades. Officials with the Butte County Air Quality Management District announced that $1.6 million dollars in grant funding will be available this year to subsidize cleaner burning engines and entirely new agricultural equipment. 

Fire Bug In Redding?

Apr 29, 2019
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Does Redding have a serial arsonist on their hands?  The Fire Department thinks they might.

On Monday of last week, someone lit a series of fires, including one that damaged a building at the Hope Baptist Church on Churn Creek Road.


Another fire on the property had burned itself out before crews arrived, and there was a small vegetation fire near the Loma Vista overpass.  Two other small fires were reported that same day on the other side of the freeway.