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  • Re-homing begins: Evacuee families will take up temporary residence in Gridley after local authorities approved a Federal Emergency Management Agency plan to locate 350 manufactured homes in the southern Butte County city. Officials are expected to announce similar large sites in Red Bluff and Oroville in coming days. 

Following years of debate and delay, the city council in Chico moved vigorously on homelessness — approving “Simplicity Village” and launching efforts for a round-the-clock ‘low barrier’ shelter. 

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The Paradise Irrigation District has resumed water service to 127 streets in town, but officials are not sure if that water is safe.

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Following an outpouring of community outrage, the abandoned Diamond Match Company site in Chico is OUT as a debris handling site. 


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Elections have consequences, and with new members on the dais, it appears a long-planned village for some of Chico’s homeless may finally win approval this evening. 

There’s nothing like a total disaster, once the smoke clears, to completely refocus the mind, if not one’s entire life. But for me at least, it’s almost like reverse-focus. Instead of homing in like a laser on a particular aim, peripheral awareness is somehow sharper. Events that would barely catch my attention, normally, in the busy-ness of daily life, now seem so significant and stunning, so magnificent, that I hardly notice anything else.

Tonight on “After Paradise” – it’s been 36 days since the Camp Fire started. Tonight an important update on emergency shelters housing the pets of fire victims. If you haven’t claimed yours, you need to do so soon. Plus… Airbnb’s Open Homes Program. And we hear about and from three people whose names are intertwined with this disaster… Paradise Mayor Jody Jones, Reverend Ron Zimmer of East Avenue Church, and Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea… who is now, apparently, everyone’s homie.

After Paradise: Day 35

Dec 14, 2018

Tonight on “After Paradise” – it’s been 35 days since the Camp Fire started. With the city of Paradise wiped off the map… at least for the time being… Chico now finds itself contending with a sudden surge in population, using infrastructure that isn’t prepared for the influx. There isn’t enough housing. Roads are clogged with new traffic. Anger spilled over at a city council meeting last night. We’ll hear the latest and talk with Chico’s new mayor, who’s been in office for just over a week. Plus… a Paradise tradition moves to a new home. Despite the loss of their town, the Parrott Family Christmas show WILL go on.

Marc Albert

FEMA’s plans to house 250 families in manufactured homes near Chico Municipal Airport and use a long abandoned industrial site to transfer fire debris onto railcars ran into a welter of criticism last night, as local residents complained of traffic, noise, dust and disruption. 


More than four months after being destroyed by the deadly Carr Fire, 88.9FM KFPR in Redding is back on the air. North State Public Radio’s Redding transmitter went off air on July 27, when the wildfire burned the site on Shasta Bally Mountain where KFRP and other radio stations were housed.  

Translators in Burney, 91.9FM, and Dunsmuir, 92.3FM, who get their signal from the Redding tower are also now back on the air.