California Agencies Dispute Colorado River Drought Plan

Mar 12, 2019
John Locher / AP Photo

PHOENIX (AP) — A major Southern California water agency is trying to push the state through a final hurdle in joining a larger plan to preserve a key river in the U.S. West that serves 40 million people.

Most of the seven states that get water from the Colorado River have signed off on plans to keep the waterway from crashing amid a prolonged drought, climate change and increased demands. But California and Arizona have not, missing deadlines from the federal government.

Locals can weigh in Thursday on Caltrans plans for replacing an historic Sacramento River crossing. 


Like those of a similar vintage, officials insist the 71 year old bridge is ready for retirement. 


The span, which carries State route 162 across the Sacramento River at Butte City, in Glenn County no longer meets earthquake standards. Caltrans plans to start work on an entirely new bridge two years from now. 


Confronting Opioids

Mar 10, 2019
Marc Albert

Aiming to reduce painkiller-related addiction and deaths, doctors, nurses and other medical professionals met in Chico Friday to learn strategies to reduce dangers from opioids.

After Paradise: Week 17

Mar 7, 2019

Tonight on After Paradise, it’s been 17 weeks since the Camp Fire started. In this episode we hear from those determined to return to Paradise that hold the first building permits that have been issued in the town, and we hear from a veterinarian who was on the front lines helping save animals after the Camp Fire erupted. We also talk to Meredith Cooper, managing editor at the Chico News & Review about her recent story on the widespread contamination in Paradise’s water system.  

Sean MacEntee

There’s finally a fast alternative to the arduous drive to Southern California. 


That long straight shot down I-5’s blacktop can get monotonous quick. By car, it’s a nine hour slog. On Amtrak, it takes about double that, if it is on time. Starting Friday, the travel time from Redding to Los Angeles will be down to just two hours. 

KFPR Redding Off Air

Mar 5, 2019


KFPR Redding 88.9 is currently off the air. PG&E is working with station staff to assess the situation, which may be power related. The outage also affects our translators at 91.9 in Burney and 92.3 in Dunsmuir. Weather is a limiting factor in finding a solution, as the transmitter is difficult to reach and only accessible by helicopter when weather allows during winter months.


Chico State









American Indian storyteller Liz Lara-O’Rourke headlined an evening of cultural connection and understanding at the Chico State campus Friday. North State Public Radio’s Marc Albert caught up with her as the evening began.

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Cannabis will loom large in both Redding and Chico this evening, where among other issues, councils are considering post-decriminalization regulation. 


In Chico, officials are again expected to take another small step toward allowing marijuana sales. The council will consider the size and makeup of a committee tasked with refining a possible cannabis ordinance.  


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Ahead of significant upgrades getting underway later this year, Caltrans on Wednesday initiates safety improvements along State route 70 between Marysville and Oroville. 

Chico State

An event looking into honoring the traditions, wisdom and philosophies of local Native American women and their communities is happening Friday afternoon on Chico State’s campus.  

The third annual event, Women of Wisdom will be an evening of storytelling, learning and Native American appetizers.  

Sara Cooper, the chair of the Department of Multicultural and Gender Studies at the university, said the event is important to everyone involved.