Kim Weir

This is Kim Weir. I live in Paradise, here in northern California, and I love it. No one has been more surprised by this than me. I grew up in Chico, the college town just down the hill, and like many flatlanders I helped to perpetuate local prejudices about the place. When I was 16 and still knew everything, I’d dismiss Paradise as little more than local headquarters for the John Birch Society—which it was, back then.

Marc Albert

According to some experts, the camp fire was less a surprise than a long feared nightmare scenario come to life. 


Safety improvements to State route 70 took another step forward Friday, with the announcement of $8.3 million to widen just over six miles of the highway south of Oroville. 


After Paradise: Day 29

Dec 7, 2018

Tonight on “After Paradise” – it’s been 29 days since the Camp Fire started. Toxic debris removal from burned out properties has already begun. Now, Butte County is asking fire victims to sign up to allow cleanup of the rest of the materials. We’ll have details. Plus a North State non-profit is giving the Red Cross 100-thousand dollars to help replace medical devices and glasses that were lost to the fire. And the author of a book about grief talks about the best ways for friends, family, and coworkers, to help victims through the recovery process.

Tonight on “After Paradise” – it’s been 28 days… exactly four weeks… since the Camp Fire started. Tonight we’ll hear from a local legend in Magalia. Jaki’s Hilltop Café survived the fire, but Jaki Snead’s house did not. She’s still pondering what the future holds. Plus a commentary from a fire survivor who’s taken to calling himself a “climate change refugee.” And a woman who lived through Hurricanes Katrina AND Harvey shares her thoughts on recovery, and the importance of asking for help.

Marc Albert

The number of Camp Fire fatalities remained unchanged Wednesday, remaining at 85. 


The number of people listed as missing declined to 10, according to Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea. 

New members elected a month ago joined Chico’s city council last night, and the body moved ahead with measures aimed at spurring the construction of temporary housing for those displaced by the Camp Fire. 


After Paradise: Day 27

Dec 6, 2018

Tonight on “After Paradise” – – it’s been 27 days since the Camp Fire started. Butte County had a severe housing crisis BEFORE the fire. Now, it’s scrambling for places to put the people who lost some 14-thousand homes in Paradise, Magalia, and Concow. We’ll talk with the director of the county housing authority. We’ll also hear what happened with the rebuilding effort after the Thomas fire, which erupted a year ago near Santa Barbara. Plus… the founder and CEO of Sierra Nevada Brewing – Ken Grossman – shares the story of “Resilience” – a new brew raising funds around the country for fire recovery.

With 11 Names Left, Search For Wildfire Missing Winds Down

Dec 5, 2018
Noah Berger / AP Photo

The search for people unaccounted for after the deadliest U.S. wildfire in at least a century is winding down in Northern California, with just 11 names left on a fluctuating list that once approached 1,300 and prompted fears that hundreds had died in the flames.

The declining number released late Monday came as a relief in the Paradise area as it reels from the wildfire that killed at least 85 people and destroyed nearly 14,000 homes.

After Paradise: Day 26

Dec 4, 2018

Tonight on “After Paradise” – it’s been 26 days since the Camp Fire started. Butte County healthworkers heard today from the CEO of Adventist Health about the future of the Feather River Hospital and other clinics in the area. We’ll have a report. Plus a tour through FEMA’s Disaster Recovery Center at the old Sears building… we’ll take you through the process of registered for help and benefits. And first thing we do… we expose all the lawyers who go after clients in the immediate aftermath of disasters like this one.