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Traffic collisions with wildlife in California cost drivers an estimated $232 million last year according to a report out Wednesday from UC Davis. NSPR’s Marc Albert has more. 


Among the highlights, Interstate 5 and State Route 70 top the North State’s highways in terms of accidents involving vehicles and wildlife according to the report from The Road Ecology Center at UC Davis. Dividing the state by Assembly Districts, the large and rural 1st – covering the northeast corner of California and until recently represented by Brian Dahle, had both the most total accidents involving wildlife and the most injuries reported from those accidents. 

Marc Albert

A proposal ordering nightly curfews in Chico should electricity be cut by Pacific Gas and Electric Company due to fire danger will undergo further study after receiving a chilly reception at a council meeting Tuesday night.  


After a combative reception from some members of the public, and only lukewarm support on the dais, Chico Mayor Randall Stone sent the emergency ordinance back to the drawing board.

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Firefighters have a busy late summer and autumn ahead across most of Northern California if official forecasts are accurate.  


A new report, prepared by Predictive Services says pretty much all of the Northern half of the state, with the exception of the Northern Sierra, will experience above normal fire activity in coming months. Predictive Services is an inter-agency group assembled by the US Forest Service, US Bureau of Land Management and Cal-Fire that studies weather patterns, air and soil moisture and other factors that can contribute to a fire breaking out, or spreading, well, like wildfire. 

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Major changes are ahead for a small Sutter County water utility and its arsenic-tainted water, due to pressure from the US Environmental Protection Agency. 


The roughly 350 customers of Sutter County Waterworks District, primarily serving the community of Robbins, will continue receiving free bottled drinking water as part of the deal, according to Amy Miller, Director of Enforcement and compliance for EPA Region 9.



Public safety and civil liberties will weigh heavily Tuesday when the Chico City Council considers declaring overnight curfews should electricity be cut due to fire risks.  


The proposed ordinance would establish a curfew from dusk to dawn in Chico when and if Pacific Gas & Electric Company severs electricity because of extreme fire danger. 


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A brazen daytime burglary Thursday ended in arrest and serious charges after a suspect allegedly kicked down an apartment’s front door and struck the victim with blasts from a Taser multiple times. 


Somehow the victim fled the apartment and managed to call police after being hit several times with a Taser. The incident occurred at three in the afternoon on the 1400 block of North Cherry Street in Chico. 

Marc Albert

More than 100 police officers, firefighters, and paramedics converged on Chico High School Thursday. Authorities were practicing for what’s become a too frequent occurrence in communities across the nation: a mass shooting at a school.  


With sirens wailing and periodic simulated explosions, the first officers arrived several minutes into the drill—a gunman opening fire at Chico High School.  

Cautiously, yet deliberately, they advanced across courtyards, approaching the supposed threat.  

Rebuilding is happening and gathering speed. A new, ultra-low interest loan program is announced by the US Department of Agriculture, along with direct cash grants for lower income individuals age 62 and older...and FEMA’s largest site, with roughly 400 trailers will soon welcome its first families. 


You can find a direct link to the USDA’s loan and grant program right here.





Don’t be alarmed. The heavy response by police, fire and ambulance crews converging on Chico High this morning and throughout the day is only a drill. 


Today’s training won’t be much different than one held across town at Chico’s other high school at the end of June. 

Silver Dollar Fairgrounds



As many as 1,800 people suffering from toothaches, cavities or more serious issues are expected to seek dental and medical services this weekend at the Silver Dollar Fairgrounds in Chico, where a kind of large scale pop-up free clinic will treat patients free of charge.


Operated by California CareForce and made possible by grants, charitable contributions and free labor from dentists, dental hygienists and other medical professionals, the pop-up clinic appears in a different community around the state each month.