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Drivers can expect overnight delays along State Highway 20 east of Marysville starting tonight, as Caltrans repaves about half a mile of roadway.  


One way traffic controls will start around 6 this evening and will likely continue until 8 Tuesday morning. 


Caltrans anticipates the work continuing nightly, finishing Saturday morning.  

First home move ins…Debris removal passes 60%...Despite threats and warnings, you can STILL sign up for free debris removal or alternative program…FEMA trailers soon, really…. 


Our weekly check in call with officials from Paradise, Butte County, CalOES and FEMA about progress, issues and problems as the region recovers from the Camp Fire. 


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Recovery after a disaster like the Camp Fire is a long and arduous process, but there are organizations that are in the area and working to make that process a little easier. One of those organizations is United Policyholders. The nonprofit is currently working with those who had insured homes that were damaged or destroyed in the Camp Fire. 


It’s been 8 months since the Camp Fire devastated Paradise and its surrounding communities in Butte County. Each Thursday at 6:35 p.m. NSPR brings you an update from the agencies involved in the recovery process. 


Earlier today NSPR’s Sarah Bohannon spoke with Justin Jacobs from the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (CalOES), Casey Hatcher with Butte County, Collette Curtis with the Town of Paradise and Debra Young with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Young started the call with an update on FEMA housing.  


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Whatever your thoughts on Megan Rapinoe’s political opinions, there is no denying her greatness on the field. 

After the U.S. women’s national soccer team beat the Netherlands 2-0 to win the World Cup for a fourth time on Sunday, Rapinoe was then honored personally with two other awards—the Golden Boot for most goals scored during the month-longs tournament and the Golden Ball, which recognizes her as the tournament’s best player.

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It seems like every summer it happens, once it’s warm enough to swim, authorities are warning people to stay out of the water. Why? An abundance of one of the simplest living things on earth: algae. Actually a specific type of algae called cyanobacteria, tiny microorganisms that can cause serious illness.  


Keith Bouma-Gregson is an environmental scientist with the California State Water Resources Control Board. He also co-leads the Fresh Water Harmful Algae Bloom Program, and has been tracking blooms in California.  


City leaders in Chico are being asked to upzone an area allowing an apartment complex to rise on a site set aside for single family homes.  


Without the Camp Fire, the proposed 23-unit apartment complex would almost certainly be a tougher lift. But after the loss of 15 percent of all housing in Butte County, and resulting price spikes in both purchase and rental housing, opposition may be harder to muster. 


Marc Albert




While the address hasn’t changed, just about everything else has. 


There wasn’t much left after the Camp Fire roared through a vast area of Butte County. Close to eight months later, county officials are celebrating a milestone of sorts. 


Final inspections are finished on the first new post-fire home in unincorporated Butte County. 


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It may be in the National Anthem, but in the North State authorities say leave “the bombs bursting in air” to the pros.  


Fireworks are banned throughout Shasta County. Cheryl Buliavac is a spokeswoman for Cal Fire’s Shasta-Trinity Unit.  



Its time for our weekly check in with representatives of some of the agencies working on repairs and recovery after the Camp Fire. Joining us on the line, Colette Curtis of the Town of Paradise, Debra Young with FEMA, Jim Kyle with the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services and Casey Hatcher of Butte County. Casey, let’s start with you. Apparently there are some people wondering about bottlenecks after debris has been cleared?