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The Corona virus or Covid-19 has arrived in the North State with one confirmed case and two others awaiting lab results. 


The confirmed case is in Redding. Health officials in Shasta County say the patient, a man in his 50s, is recovering in isolation at home. Authorities believe the man contracted the ailment while traveling.

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It may cost you to park in Bidwell Park come July. A proposed Upper Bidwell Park parking fee goes up for debate in Chico tomorrow evening.


The proposal, approved by the council’s Internal Affairs Committee, would initiate a $2 daily fee and $25 annual pass for driving into Upper Park. Seniors, the disabled and qualifying low-income households would be exempt. The fee would take effect July 1.

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Big changes are coming to Redding’s Caldwell Park over the next couple of years, thanks to a huge state grant. North State Public Radio’s Marc Albert has more. 


Redding has secured a state grant worth $6.7 million for park improvements. The 74 acre park is on the east bank of the Sacramento River, north of the Sundial Bridge.

Fighting Fire With Fire

Feb 11, 2020
US Forest Service

A series of prescribed burns are expected to occur in several places across the region in coming days.


Close to 6,500 acres of forest will be intentionally set alight this week, if everything goes according to plan.



It was an electric night of sorts at the Redding City Council meeting last night.


After several months of wrangling over reimbursement rates for both existing and future solar customers in Redding, the council finally voted on the rate for the so-called “net metering”, the rate at which the utility pays back customers who produce more power than they use.



Several group homes housing troubled young people in Redding will close.


Authorities have begun the process of finding new placements for about 60 youngsters under the care of Victor Treatment Centers, which announced it was closing its Redding facilities.


The Chico-based organization runs group homes for juveniles coping with emotional, behavioral and mental disorders. It operates in Butte, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, Sonoma, and Shasta counties, but not for much longer in the latter.  


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Amidst another weather-related blackout, the California Public Utilities Commission met in Redding yesterday where residents demanded officials hold Pacific Gas and Electric Company to account.   

“When is PG&E going to have to pay for their mistakes,” said Redding Resident Cathy Tipton.  

The meeting was scheduled more than a year ago as a way to enhance outreach. After public comment, the committee moved to its agenda, tacking a surcharge onto customers’ bills to cover wildfire damage.  

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The 1200 existing solar customers in the City of Redding and anyone who installs solar before the end of the year will be able to access a 30 year net-metering deal with the city.


Solar customers reach what is known as net-metering when they have generated more electricity than they use and begin to send it back into the grid.


Following a heated discussion of changes to solar energy incentives at a council meeting earlier this week, Redding officials announced the membership of a new committee tasked with crafting an amenable solution.


The committee is tasked with proposing new rates for the city’s net metering program. The program pays incentives to customers with rooftop solar systems that generate more energy than they use.


Things got a bit testy at last night’s Redding City Council meeting after several owners of local solar companies complained about a council vote from the last meeting being apparently misinterpreted by the City Manager.


Several owners came forward to vent their frustration over a change to the wording of a contract that customers who purchase solar for their home are required to sign in order to obtain payment from the Redding Electric Utility when they generate more power than they use and their meters run backwards in what is known as “net metering.”