Farmers Protest California Water Plan Aimed To Save Salmon

Aug 21, 2018
(AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

(AP) — Hundreds of California farmers rallied at the Capitol on Monday to protest state water officials' proposal to increase water flows in a major California river, a move state and federal politicians called an overreach of power that would mean less water for farms in the Central Valley.

"If they vote to take our water, this does not end there," said Republican state Sen. Anthony Cannella. "We will be in court for 100 years."

Environmentalists and fishermen offered a different take on the other side of the Capitol to a much smaller audience.

Marc Albert

Salmon nigiri: a small morsel of raw salmon, perched on a petite rice ball. Perhaps it’s an ignoble end for a majestic fish known for epic upriver journey. For the last several years in the Sacramento Valley, there’s an experiment turning that delicacy on its head. Having salmon begin — not end — their lives over rice.

On a recent Monday, the numbers were encouraging enough to generate elation. Researchers were catching, measuring, documenting and releasing Chinook fingerlings grown for a few weeks in an innovative way.