Santa Rosa

California Burning: Episode 4—The Wildland-Urban Interface

Sep 29, 2019
Matt Fidler


Wildfires are no longer isolated to our forests in California. They now also threaten our cities. On the fourth episode of California Burning, we focus on where urban and wild spaces meet and hear from people who have experienced some of the most tragic fires in California’s history.

Matt Shilts

Forty-three years ago Friday, the US Supreme Court decided in Roe v. Wade that women have the right to an abortion. A back-and-forth of lawsuits has filled court dockets since. That’s true in the North State as well.

Two local crisis pregnancy centers are in a legal battle against a recent state law that requires women’s health centers that, like them, do not provide abortions, to clearly disclose that fact and to provide information of clinics that do. These centers in fact oppose abortion, and encourage parenting or adoption.