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As tens of thousands of North State residents learned, being without electricity is more than an inconvenience. And as NSPR reports, sporadic, widespread outages will become just another facet of California’s lengthening fire season.


With its equipment linked to sparking deadly and catastrophic wildfires, PG&E started unplugging large parts of the state when conditions warranted.

Trashed Trailers Transformed Into New Homes

Nov 8, 2019
Marc Albert



Alyssa Nolan is one of those cape-less heroes.  A new mother made homeless when 2008’s Humboldt Fire swept through some of the same areas as last year’s Camp Fire, she turned a long held aspiration of getting a tiny home for herself into a full-time charitable mission. Building tiny homes for fire survivors who’ve lost just about everything.  


Her workshop is a vacant gravel lot behind a former Ford dealership in downtown Oroville. There’s no electricity available so Nolan makes her own, filling a generator with gas she buys out of her own pocket. 

After Paradise: One Year

Nov 7, 2019

In this episode of “After Paradise,” we commemorate the year anniversary of the Camp Fire by focusing on where we are now, 365 days after the fire. We’ll hear from those working in mental health about how the one year mark is triggering stress and anxiety for many in the community, and about practical ways to manage. We’ll hear about recovery from survivors living in communities all over the Camp Fire burn scar. And we’ll visit with a few people providing a message of hope. It’s been a long road, and it may not feel like it now, but we can turn the challenges and devastation of this disaster into Post Traumatic growth. 


In honor of the one year anniversary of the Camp Fire, Cultivating Place is joined this week by Douglas Kent, author of Firescaping, and Calli-Jane DeAnda and Ben Hart of the Butte County Fire Safe Council to talk about the importance of gardening and gardeners modeling important land care and stewardship ethic in fire country. Join us.

PG&E Pulling Plug On North State

Oct 28, 2019
Noah Berger / AP Photo

Just as electricity returns, Pacific Gas and Electric is warning it might go away again starting this morning.


With the national weather service warning intensely dry north winds will resume this morning, PG&E is preparing to cut power across much of the same areas recently impacted.

Big Controlled Burn Pushed Back A Week

Oct 13, 2019
John Locher / AP Photo

A controlled burn in the Sierra set for tomorrow has been postponed.



Forecasts of low humidity and breezy conditions necessitated the change. 


“Right now with the winds that are predicted, we would get into a situation where we would have too aggressive fire behavior and that’s why we’re postponing it.” Fire Management Officer for Lassen National Forest’s Almanor District Nicolaus Bunch said.

California Burning: Episode 1—Our History With Fire

Sep 29, 2019
James Lewis


Smokey Bear is arguably the most effective advertising campaign in American history—but Smokey’s message created a fear in many of us that’s led to a misunderstanding of fire.

In this first episode of California Burning, we explore what Smokey got wrong, and we learn how a series of unprecedented wildfires in the early twentieth-century started forest management policies that have contributed to the catastrophic wildfires we’re experiencing today.

California Burning: Episode 2—Native Intelligence

Sep 29, 2019
Matt Fidler

Native Californians used fire to maintain the forests that surrounded them for more than 14,000 years. This prevented future wildfires and supported many plants and animals that need fire to thrive. On the second episode of California Burning, Matt shadows a pyrogeographer and learns how the Yurok Tribe on the Klamath River and the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band of Santa Cruz are bringing fire back to the land.

California Burning: Episode 3—One Foot In The Black

Sep 29, 2019
Matt Fidler

Fire behavior is complicated, but can often be predicted. On the third episode of California Burning, we dive into the science of fire by visiting a wildland fire lab and a sustainable timber operation. We also hear from firefighters, forest rangers, and the “Helltown Hotshots” who risked it all to save their town during the Camp Fire.

California Burning: Episode 4—The Wildland-Urban Interface

Sep 29, 2019
Matt Fidler


Wildfires are no longer isolated to our forests in California. They now also threaten our cities. On the fourth episode of California Burning, we focus on where urban and wild spaces meet and hear from people who have experienced some of the most tragic fires in California’s history.