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Long after the retardant drops end and the hot shots and news crews move on, the danger across wildfire burn scars remains. Special teams of geologists, biologists, soil scientists, and hydrologists are dispatched to assess damage, plan fixes and identify potentially fatal hazards. 

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Those who rode out the Carr and other major wildfires may be eligible for significant federal financial help, but time is running out. 



Applicants for emergency disaster grants have until Oct. 3 to get in their paperwork.


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The Delta Fire continues to grow. As of Friday morning it was 24,558 acres in size and zero percent contained.  According to the U.S. Forest Service, numerous structures are threatened and evacuation orders and warnings remain for parts of Shasta, Siskiyou and Trinity counties. The largest city under immediate threat is Dunsmuir which is under an evacuation warning. NSPR’s Marc Albert ventured through the smoke to Dunsmuir yesterday. He said residents displayed a range of emotions. Longtime resident Curtis Smith said this year’s fires have been the worst in his lifetime. 

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People who suffered some financial loss or inconvenience due to the Carr Fire can still apply for help with groceries, but they’ll have to move fast. 


Applicants have until Wednesday evening to apply for emergency food aid in Shasta County.  


Jill Haskett is a spokeswoman for the Shasta County Health and Human Services Agency. 

Several urgency ordinances related to the Carr Fire were passed by the Redding City Council Tuesday night. 

As Redding moves to cleanup mode City Manager Barry Tippin asked the council to continue with the declaration of a local emergency.  The Federal Emergency Management Agency will reimburse funds the city has paid out in the wake of the Carr Fire, but only if certain requirements are met.  One is the declaration of an emergency, which allows cleanup efforts to begin without a vote by the council for each item. Tippin told the council the city sustained considerable damage to its trail system including to four bridges. 

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Wildfires have spread loss and misery across much of California this summer. While firefighters and weather conditions are breaking up blankets of smoke from the Carr Fire and Mendocino Complex the peak of fire season is far from over. New devastating conflagrations in coming months are almost a certainty – meaning more bad air quality likely is too.

NSPR's Marc Albert interviewed Venessa Vidovich, supervising public health nurse for the Shasta County Health and Human Services Agency's Communicable Disease Unit about the dangers that lurk in wildfire smoke and how best to avoid them. 

Record-Breaking Fire Tornado Killed California Firefighter

Aug 17, 2018
AP Photo/John Locher

(AP) – In the history of California wildfires there has never been anything like it: A churning tornado filled with fire, the size of three football fields.

An official report describes in chilling detail the intensity of the rare fire phenomenon and how quickly it took the life of Redding firefighter Jeremy Stoke, who was enveloped in seconds as he tried to evacuate residents on July 26.

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State agencies will provide free cleanup help to survivors of the Carr Fire, which won’t exactly get people back on their feet, but it will at least open the road to recovery.

Those whose homes were decimated by wildfire in the Redding area can receive both technical help and plenty of elbow grease that should clear the way to rebuilding. Brian Crane, the City of Redding’s Carr Fire recovery director, said the process is more involved than people might think.

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Two members of President Trump’s cabinet received a sobering taste of the power of nature Monday as they toured ruins in and around Redding, where the Carr Fire is blamed for taking eight lives and destroying more than a thousand homes.

A Cal Fire heavy equipment mechanic was killed early Thursday in an apparent single vehicle crash along State Route 99.