2018 Fire Season

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Noah Berger / AP Photo

Though untouched by flames, changes have come to Chico since November. Tonight elected leaders there consider impacts and how to ease them.


At the council’s request, reports covering crime, roadway conditions, and appropriate levels of municipal staffing to serve Chico’s swollen, post-camp-fire population will be presented.


Matt Fidler

These are some of the sounds of a forest thinning operation around the Paradise Pines Property Owners Association in Magalia.

Chipping up woody material removed from the forest and left on the ground as mulch. The goal is to return the forest’s condition to one that more resembles the forests that John Bidwell knew.

Ashley Bailey

Emily Holtom is a stay-at-home mom and owns one of the rare houses in Paradise that is still standing after the Camp Fire.


She, her husband, Spencer, their six kids and dog just moved here about nine months ago from Southern California for Spencer's job.


Ashley Bailey

Peggy Beltran grew up in Paradise and her house is among the scattered homes that were spared by the Camp Fire.

She and her husband, Eddie, her parents and aunt were able to move back to the house a couple weeks after the fire.

Peggy is a respiratory therapist and a clinical instructor at Butte College.