Jennifer Jewell

Host, Cultivating Place

Jennifer Jewell is a professional garden writer and avid home gardener based in Northern California, where she lives and gardens with her husband, two daughters and two dogs. Her writing about gardens and gardeners around the world has been featured in Edible Shasta-Butte, Gardens Illustrated, House & Garden, Natural Home, Old House Journal, Colorado Homes & Lifestyles and She is a member of the Garden Writers Association. She is the host of Cultivating Place: Conversations on Natural History and the Human Impulse to Garden. That program, and more of Jennifer's work, can be found at

Jennifer Jewell

Is "Farm-to-Fork" just a marketing phrase? Where did the concept begin and how has it grown in the past 45 years? What does it mean to us today in the North State? Jennifer Jewell, host of NSPR's In a North State Garden, hosts a colorful conversation with local food advocates, providers and eaters to discuss the state of Farm-to-Fork in the North State. 

Jennifer Jewell

On this episode of In a North State Garden, host Jennifer Jewell talks about late-summer blooms — including California fuchsias.

Gardening isn't simply the act of establishing and keeping a garden. It's a process — a covenant with the land, and a ongoing  of optimism. 

Long days of high, dry heat can leave our North State gardens looking a little beaten down. Jennifer Jewell talks about how we can draw inspiration on drought-tolerance and resilience from Californian members of the eriogonum family — wild buckwheats.

California's drought has given many residents cause to stop and think about how they use their water. Jennifer Jewell here speaks about the good things — and the not-so-good — that expanded water consciousness has brought about.

Jennifer Jewell talks with Michael Kauffmann, author of "Field Guide to Manzanitas," about why it is about the California native plant that he finds so interesting. 

On this episode of In a North State Garden, Jennifer Jewell talks about poison oak.

On this episode of In a North State Garden, Jennifer Jewell talks about the early burst of life and color in the garden this spring as well as the April calendar of gardening events.