Redding City Council Votes 'Yes' On Allowing Cannabis Retail Businesses

Mar 7, 2018

While both medicinal and recreational use of marijuana is legal in California – many communities are still not allowing the retail sale and distribution of it. Redding is about to become the second city in Shasta County that will. The decision came after a long and emotion-charged Redding City Council meeting Tuesday night. 

There were those who were in favor it and those who were opposed. Citizens voiced arguments ranging from "It's legal now. Smoke a joint. It cures reefer madness.” to “Each of you will violate 21 USC which is conspiracy to violate the federal narcotics act.”

After nearly two hours of debate the council voted 4-1 to allow up to 10 retail stores to open in Redding. Only councilman Brent Weaver was opposed.

"I just don't think this is the right way to look for additional revenue,” he said.

Under the ordinance, outdoor growing will be banned, but up to six plants can be grown indoors for personal use. A one-year permit will be needed. The cost of the permit will not be determined until a later date. There will be many restrictions on the retail sale of marijuana including keeping marijuana businesses away from schools, parks and downtown. Employees and owners will also be required to pass a background check.  A proposed tax on the sale of cannabis will be taken up by the City Council in November.

The other major item taken up by the City Council was the proposed half-cent sales tax measure, which would have gone to public safety.  A 5-0 vote was required to put it on the ballot in June. It failed 4-1 with Adam McElvain voting no.